Why do married men give me sexy jacket

Why do married men give me sexy jacket

Interest underwear has always been one of women’s private clothes. It emphasizes sexy, gender and charm, and can bring a certain physiological and psychological stimulus.But recently, some women have begun to find that their married male friends will also send them sexy underwear. So why do married men send women’s sexy underwear?Below, let’s find out.

Material temptation

A married man gave a sexy underwear for women, perhaps because he wanted to pursue or retain the woman in a more materialized and teasing way than traditional gifts.This shows that he is willing to spend a lot of costs to satisfy his desire or to retain a woman.

Sexual life discord

If a married man does not satisfy his sexual desire, then he may want to find other ways to meet his own desires and needs.They may not want to be too tired with their wife, or they want to experience the ultimate experience that other wives have not brought him.Therefore, he will bypass his marriage relationship and pursue other people, such as sending sex underwear.

Emotional seeking

A married man sent a woman to a woman, which may represent the ultimate love and admiration for women.They may meet at work, life or other opportunities, so they want gifts to show their feelings.Most of the sending lingerie is intended to confess, hoping to start a new emotional era.

Psychological stimulus

Just like a woman has a psychological stimulus to wear sexy underwear, men will also get a certain psychological stimulus when they send other people’s erotic underwear.This will also make them feel more wise, and the troubles of work and life may be quickly resolved.

Try new sexual skills

For some married men, finding new sexual skills and sexual lifestyles may be a kind of escape from their bland marriage life.They will want to find the latest and most exciting sexual tastes, or to make their partners more open and sexy.Sending sexy underwear represents this psychology.

Physical attractiveness

Interest underwear can emphasize all parts of women’s bodies, highlighting sexy and charm, making their bodies look more charming and attractive.Therefore, if a married man wants to make his female friend more sexy and attractive, you will buy some sexy underwear for each other in order to achieve this effect.

Negligence when buying

Sometimes, men do not have any special purpose, nor does they mean that they have any special motivations or plans.At this time, they may just stroll around the shopping mall or website, see the sexy lingerie, and make a sudden imagination. They bought it.Therefore, there may not be any deep meaning in it.

In short, when a married man gives you a sexy underwear, there may be many reasons behind it. Sometimes it hides mystery, sometimes simple and casual.When you accept this matter, pay attention to details, avoid using this opportunity to develop your extramarital affairs, and respect each other’s bottom line and relationship.

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