Why do men buy women’s sexy underwear


In recent years, men’s purchase of women’s sexy underwear has become more and more common.For some female friends, women’s sexy underwear is used to increase interest and fun.But why do men buy women’s sexy underwear?This is the mystery of many women.The following is why men buy women’s sexy underwear.

Pursue stimuli and novelty

Male naturally likes to explore unknown areas. Interest underwear has a novelty for them, but also can bring them stimuli.For men who often pursue different experiences, women’s sexy underwear is a novel and exciting thing that can bring them more fun.

Buy to your girlfriend to add interest

Some men buy ladies’ sexy underwear to increase the interests between the two, hoping to increase the fun of sexual life in this way.Men will buy various styles of sexy underwear, and every time I use different erotic underwear to make my girlfriend feel fresh and exciting.

Better understand women’s needs

Men’s purchase of women’s sexy underwear can also better understand women’s needs, understand and grasp women’s body, so as to better meet the needs of women.Men can experience women’s sexy underwear from the perspective of women. They have a deeper understanding of women’s needs and preferences, which can make the relationship between the two more harmonious and stable.

Enjoy the visual experience of beauty

Women’s erotic underwear is a kind of artistic work.It is a visual feast that allows the viewer’s eyes.Especially women always work hard on design styles and colors.For some men who like to appreciate the beauty, women’s erotic underwear allows them to enjoy the ultimate beauty and enjoy visual pleasure.

Moderate entertainment yourself

Occasionally buy a female sexy lingerie, as an appropriate amount of entertainment, so that my life has more fun.In work and life, maintaining a pleasant emotions and attitudes is important to men. This entertainment method can help men relieve stress and increase life fun.

Try different role -playing

Women’s sexy underwear is not only pure sexy and exciting, but it can also let men try different role -playing.Men can wear women’s sexy lingerie, play the role of women, or play role -playing games with their girlfriends. This way can help men release their deep passion and desires.

Give a female friend as a gift

Women’s sexy underwear is a great gift that can be given to female friends as birthday gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, etc.Men can not only choose from aspects and sizes, but also show their thoughts and care for women in the choice.

Pursuing fashion and trend

Buying a lady’s sexy underwear can keep men sensitive and pursuing fashion and trend.For men who like fashion, the purchase and matching of women’s sexy underwear also have certain challenges and challenges.


There are many reasons for men to buy ladies’ sexy underwear, some are to satisfy their curiosity, some are to increase interest and fun, some are to better understand women’s needs, some are to enjoy the visual experience of beauty, and so on.This is just some of them. Men’s purchase of women’s sexy underwear is different.But no matter what the reason, they can play a positive role in men’s lives, increasing the fun and fun of men’s life.

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