Why do you feel that sexy lingerie is ugly

Why do you feel that sexy lingerie is ugly

As people pay more and more attention to sex, interest underwear has become more and more sought after.Many people think that sexy underwear can add more interest and fun to sexual life, but many people don’t like sexy underwear, and even think they are ugly.So why do you feel like this?

1. General impression

The general impression of the public about sexy underwear is sexy, exposed and exaggerated, which is also a preference for many sexy underwear designers.But this also leads to some ordinary people’s misunderstandings about sexy underwear, thinking that sexy underwear can only be designed like this to be called sexy underwear.In fact, there are many beautiful and exquisite designs in sex underwear. Only the correct guidance of consumers can make consumers have more choices.

2. Personal aesthetics

Interest underwear is a relatively special underwear, which will cate with people’s sexual desire and strong sensory stimuli in appearance.But with the different age, gender, cultural background, and social concepts, everyone’s aesthetic aesthetics of sexy underwear will be different.Some people like simple and low -key sexy underwear, while others like exaggerated and weird designs.Therefore, not everyone will like sexy underwear.

3. Not suitable for the occasion

Although sexy underwear can add sex and fun of sexual life, it is not suitable for every time.For example, participating in formal occasions, spending time with your family, etc., it is obviously inappropriate to wear sexy underwear.Therefore, sexy underwear is just a tool for sex life, not the whole of life.

4. Too sexy

The design of sexy underwear is generally sexy and exposed, which also causes some people to feel that the sexy underwear is too exposed, giving a vulgar and vulgar feeling.In fact, everyone’s personality and temperament are different. Some people like sexy clothes, which is not completely bad.Furthermore, the sexy underwear can be used to flirt or increase the fun in the long -term relationship between couples, girlfriends, girlfriends, wearing or party activities, so it cannot simply use "ugly" to measure the value of sexy underwear.

5. A small market

Interesting underwear is a relatively niche market. Many people are not very solved the design and cultural connotation of love underwear.Therefore, many erotic underwear designers are still repeated in the past design, and they still repeat the traditional design of sexy and sexual hints.We need to have more excellent designers one after another to strive to push sex underwear to a higher market prosperity and attract more consumers.

6. Inappropriate size

The design of many sexy underwear is biased towards the European and American markets. Whether the size is suitable and whether the version is comfortable is an important issue.If sexy lingerie is not suitable, it will not only cause unnecessary sense of oppression, but also affect the experience and interest effects in the process of sex.


A fit of sexy underwear can not only show women’s charm, confidence, and sexy, but also in the process of sex, it can also increase interest.Women’s figures are different, so sexy underwear must choose the right style and size in order to make them the best results.Some erotic underwear may not look very attractive, but it is just right to wear on the body, and the degree of sexy is not lost.

8. The material is not good

Safe and comfortable materials are necessary conditions to ensure the quality of underwear.If sexy underwear is made of inferior materials, it may not only bring adverse effects on the body, but also affect the comfort of wearing.High -quality erotic underwear uses high -quality fabrics, which can reduce skin allergies and other discomfort symptoms, and protect women’s privacy and health.

in conclusion:

Interest underwear does not like everyone, but it can indeed bring more interests and fun to sexual life.When choosing a sexy underwear, choose the style and size that suits you according to your body, preferences and occasions, and also ensure the safety and comfort of the material.

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