Why do you put on sexy underwear and get wet quickly

Why do you wear sexy lingerie to wet?

Sexy underwear is a sexy underwear made of lace, mesh and other materials. It has an attractive appearance and unique design.However, some people may find that it is easier to become wet after wearing a sexy underwear.So why do you put on sexy underwear quickly?Let’s answer from several aspects.

1. Material reasons

The material of sexy underwear is usually thin and breathable, so sweating after putting on it will be more obvious.Moreover, they usually use a large amount of lace and gauze net to form a complex structure. This structure can also lead to poor air circulation, and it is difficult to evaporate sweat quickly.

2. Wear the length of time

The longer wearing, the more sweats that the human body will secrete naturally.Therefore, if you wear sexy underwear for a long time, the moist is more obvious.It is recommended that you carefully measure your time before wearing sexy underwear to avoid too long wearing time.

3. The amount of activity

If you are doing high -intensity exercise activities, your body will naturally sweat more.When wearing a sexy underwear, it will be close to the body, and it is difficult to make sweat easily flowing out, which makes it more humid.

4. Personal physical reasons

Everyone’s physical constitution is different, some people sweat more, and some people are relatively small.Therefore, the fast and fast -wetness of sexy underwear has a certain relationship with the physical fitness.If you are more sensitive to sweat, you will be a more common phenomenon when wearing sexy lingerie.

5. The method and number of washing methods

If you wash sexy underwear correctly, its water absorption and breathability will decrease.Therefore, you should wash and dry it in time after use, and take the correct washing method.This can ensure that you are more dry when you wear sexy underwear.

6. The problem of wearing size

If you wear a small or too large size of the sexy underwear, then it is easy to produce imbalance and uncomfortable feeling.Especially too small underwear will limit the breathing of the skin, causing sweating more seriously.

7. Maintenance method

If you use some strange materials and drugs to maintain erotic underwear, it is easy to cause damage to its water absorption and breathability.It is recommended that you use a professional underwear cleaner for cleaning, which can ensure the breathability and water absorption of sexy underwear.

8. Psychological factors

When wearing sexy underwear, fatigue in physical and mental can make people feel mentally sluggish and easy to sweat. In addition to stimulating factors such as meat, spicy foods, greasy foods, it is also related to human emotions and feelings, such as emotional excitement, frightening, frightenedUnder the circumstances, they will sweat more under the conditions of physical function.

in conclusion

Although it may bring some inconvenience to people wearing sexy lingerie, as long as you pay attention to the correct way of dressing and maintenance, you can wear it more comfortably and confidently.Finally, it is recommended that you choose a sexy underwear that suits you so that you can maintain your dryness and comfort while sexy.

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