Why do you turn off sexy underwear buyer show

Why do you turn off sexy underwear buyer show

Sexy underwear buyer show was once a very hot way of promotion on the e -commerce platform.The buyer put on a sexy underwear to take photos or small videos and upload it to the platform to display.However, more and more e -commerce platforms now close this feature.So why do you turn off sexy underwear buyer show?

Existing problem

First of all, there are many problems with sexy underwear buyer shows, which is also one of the important reasons for closure.One of the questions is that the buyer shows the photo or video is not real enough.Many sexy underwear itself has a modified effect, and the buyer’s camera skills and later trimming can also affect the authenticity of the display.

In addition, some buyers have excessive modification when uploading sexy underwear photos or videos, such as using beauty tools such as Meitu Xiuxiu, or using other clothing to enhance the effect of sexy underwear.This makes it difficult for visitors to judge whether this sexy underwear is really suitable for themselves.

Corporate risk

Sexy underwear buyer show will also exist some businesses’ behaviors to promote.For example, some merchants will ask professional models to shoot sexy underwear shows, thereby improving fun and attractiveness.However, these models themselves may have nothing to do with merchants. Their behavior may infringe the rights and interests of other merchants, and may also cause consumers’ dissatisfaction and complaints, which will cause adverse effects on the entire e -commerce platform.

Not in line with platform positioning

Another reason for turning off the sexy underwear buyer show is that this promotion method does not conform to the positioning of the e -commerce platform.Many e -commerce platforms are dominated by practicality, such as clothing, home furnishings, food, etc., and sexy underwear is a special type of product.

The characteristics of sexy underwear are not only designed for practicality, but also include elements such as jokes, spoofing, sexy.This does not match the business atmosphere, brand caliber and market strategy of the e -commerce platform.Therefore, turning off the sexy lingerie buyer show is also to protect the nature and image of the e -commerce platform.

Affect consumer confidence

Sexy underwear buyer show also affects consumers’ confidence in buying.When choosing sexy underwear, many consumers will not only refer to the quality and appearance of the product itself, but also the evaluation and feedback from other consumers.The authenticity of buyer show will affect the trust of these feedback and also affect consumers’ confidence in e -commerce platforms.

Stressed by regulatory

Interest underwear is also one of the types of goods restricted by regulation.According to relevant laws and regulations in my country, sexy underwear must meet national security standards and cannot be excessively exposed and vulgar.Therefore, e -commerce platforms need to strictly review the display of sexy underwear to avoid bad social impact and business risks.

Seeking more suitable publicity methods

The reason why the last sexy underwear buyer show is that the e -commerce platform is seeking more suitable publicity methods.At this stage, most e -commerce platforms already have more professional photos and video shooting teams. These teams can provide more authentic, more vivid and more product -based sexy underwear display methods.

At the same time, e -commerce platforms are still exploring new social media models, such as WeChat public account, Weibo, Momo, etc. These media can also provide more diverse, interactive, and more personalized sexy underwear display methodsEssence

in conclusion

In short, closing the sexy underwear buyer show is the result of the common role of various factors.This is also a useful attempt made by e -commerce platforms to protect their rights and interests, regulate market behavior, and increase consumer purchase confidence.In the future, if the e -commerce platform wants to launch a new way of displaying underwear, it is necessary to comprehensively consider a series of commercial, legal, marketing, and social factors to better display the characteristics and charm of sexy underwear.

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