Why is buying sexy underwear is a pervert

Why is buying sexy underwear is a pervert

Sex underwear has always been a major stimulus of many people in sexual life, but some people will feel that buying sexy underwear is pervert. Why is there such a view?The following are several possible reasons:

Misunderstanding the essence of sexy underwear

Some people think that sexy underwear is used to satisfy gender habit, and feels that wearing these clothes can satisfy their sexual fantasies, and this idea is actually completely wrong.Interest underwear is mainly to increase the fun and stimulus in the process of sex, not to satisfy gender habits. This is two completely different concepts.

The restraint of traditional concepts

Many people are very traditional. They think that sex should be just two people. It is abnormal behavior to use sexy underwear, tools, etc.Such concepts are no longer appropriate in modern society. Sex can be diversified. Use some tools and props to add more fun and stimulation to sex life.


Many people still have some traditional prejudice and negative concepts on sex. These prejudices and concepts will affect their views on sexy underwear.Because buying sexy underwear is a kind of behavior that violates traditional concepts, this behavior is abnormal and immoral for them.

Lack of correct information

Some people are not fully aware of sexy underwear, so they are often prone to misunderstandings.Interest underwear is not a mysterious thing, just some tools used to enhance sex.To correctly understand the nature of sexy underwear, it also needs some scientific knowledge to support.

Worried about being accused by public opinion

Many people will consider their social status and image when treating the problem of sexy underwear.They are worried that they will be condemned or accused by others, and such concerns are based on the result of insufficient awareness of buying sexy underwear.

Affected by the wrong publicity

In order to obtain high profits, some bad businesses may trick people to buy sexy underwear through exaggerated propaganda methods.Such publicity often causes some harm to people spiritually, which has also led to many people’s wrong understanding of sexy underwear.

Concept of gender discrimination

Some people think that sexy underwear is only suitable for women, which is a burden for men.This view is very wrong.In fact, sexy underwear is suitable for all people with sexual life. In some countries, men have formed a unique sexy underwear market.

Negative emotions for the disadvantage of sex

Under the influence of traditional moral concepts, it is very common for people who have negative emotions in sex.Such negative emotions can make people think that sexy underwear is an illegal behavior and has a negative impact on their own heart.

Point of view

In modern society, sexy underwear has become a necessity for more and more people, and it can add a lot of fun and excitement to our lives.We should correctly understand and treat sexy underwear, solve the prejudice and cognitive misunderstanding of sexy underwear, and truly enjoy the beauty of sex that sex underwear brings to us.

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