With a lot of sexy underwear novels

Novels using sex underwear

Interesting underwear, as a underwear that has entered people’s lives in recent years, is no longer just a simple underwear, but more caring for many people’s emotional and sexual pursuit.In many novels, sexy underwear has become an important image decoration of the heroine. Below, let’s take a look at novels using sexy underwear as an important plot.

Chapter 1: Origin of Fun Underwear

"The taste of lavender makes people feel refreshed. If my personal maid puts on the black erotic underwear, it will definitely make me want to caress it fiercely."

This is a period in "The City of Desire" that makes people can’t help but guess that the sexy underwear originated from the medieval noble fortress.Where is the origin of sexy underwear?

Chapter II: How did the name of the sexy underwear come from?

In "White Night Walk", the heroine put on a red lace sexy underwear, making some people curious about the origin of the name of the lingerie.Lace, silk, silk flowers, and hives are common in sexy underwear. Where are their sources?

Chapter III: Design of Sex Underwear

"Dressing is like it", the design of sexy underwear is a very important part.In "A Pilgrimage", a transparent bra purchased by the heroine feels like a skin, which makes people staggering.What are the design of sexy underwear?

Chapter IV: Dressing of Sex Underwear

Wearing a woman is a part of a very focused on, especially for sexy underwear.In "The Future", the heroine chose a sexy underwear with a small bow from Spain, which is very cute and very sexy.What are the skills of sexy underwear?

Chapter 5: The material choice of sexy underwear

The material of sexy underwear has a great impact on the comfort and touch of the wearer.In "To Our Little Beauty", the heroine chose a smooth and refreshing sexy underwear, which made her very comfortable when she put on clothes.What do you need to pay attention to the material selection of sexy underwear?

Chapter VI: Color Selection of Sex Underwear

Color is a question that sexy underwear designers and wearers are considered together. Different colors also have different meanings for different people.In "Please answer 1988", the beautiful and sexy red sexy underwear of the heroine is also the beauty of the heroine’s heart.What are the places to pay attention to the color selection of sexy underwear?

Chapter VII: The Influence of Instead on Emotions

Interesting underwear is not only a beautiful underwear, it also carries people’s emotions and sexual concepts.In "Twilight", after the heroine Bella put on sexy underwear, the relationship with the actor Edward became deeper.What impact does sex underwear have on the body?

Chapter 8: The Application of Fun Underwear in Life

Interest underwear is no longer just a simple underwear item. It has also become an indispensable necessity in many people’s lives.In "Ghost Blowing Lantern’s Tomb", in order to protect herself, the heroine puts on sexy underwear in outdoor adventures, keeps dry, and makes herself go smoothly.In addition to the application of sex in sex in sex, what other scenarios are applied in life?

Chapter 9: Falling Lingerie Maintenance

Sex underwear needs to be maintained frequently, maintaining clean and soft sexy underwear, in order to meet the usual standards of women.In "The Story of insects", the heroine chose a special method to clean the sexy underwear, smooth and delicate, but not losing color, and all kinds of wonderful use methods are amazing.What are the specific maintenance methods of sexy underwear?

Chapter 10: The psychological bottom layer of sexy underwear

Finally, let’s talk about the psychological bottom behind the sexy underwear.Wearing erotic underwear makes many people feel confident and sexual power, which has become an indispensable demand in our daily life.How is the psychological bottom layer of sexy underwear?

In short, the design style, dressing, material, color, and application scenarios of sexy underwear have their own characteristics and methods. We can also choose a sexy underwear that suits us according to our needs and preferences.

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