Woman underwear New Wedding Night

1. How to choose a new wedding night of sexy underwear?

The wedding night is an important moment for the newlywed couple to spend together. A beautiful sexy underwear can not only increase the atmosphere, but also make the bride more sexy and charming.When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to choose according to your own figure and character to make yourself feel confident and comfortable.

2. Choose comfortable fabrics

The fabric of sexy underwear is very important, because if the material and process are not good, it will cause adverse reactions, such as allergies and tingling.Therefore, it is recommended to choose comfortable, breathable, sweat -absorbing fabrics, such as cotton, silk, lace, etc. At the same time, pay attention to material safety.

3. Consider color matching

When choosing a sexy underwear, consider the color matching.Colors with yellow, red, black, etc. are common sexy underwear colors.In addition, most of the sexy underwear uses sexy flower types and lace decorations. These decorations make underwear more beautiful and more likely to improve the charm of brides.

4. Choose a style that suits your body

The sexy underwear itself is to show the body line, so you must pay attention to the choice of style.You should choose a style that suits your body, you can emphasize your advantages, cover up the shortcomings, and choose the chest shape, waist, buttocks and other underwear that suits you.

5. It is recommended to choose the adjustable size underwear

Interest underwear is generally close -up. Improper size choices can cause uncomfortable feelings. Therefore, it is recommended to choose adjustable size underwear.Some sexy underwear also provides special adjustment devices, such as braes, socks, etc., which can make underwear more personal and comfortable.

6. Do not pursue too exposed styles

When choosing sexy underwear, do not pursue the style of exposure and excessive challenges.Because the wedding night is amazing, but we must take care of your health and comfort.Underwear and socks without steel rings are a better choice, so that the body can be fully rest.

7. Pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning of underwear

You need to pay attention to choosing sexy underwear that suits you, and daily maintenance and maintenance cannot be ignored.The maintenance and cleaning of underwear needs to follow the professional steps and methods, and incorporating underwear into the daily maintenance plan will extend its service life.

8. Sending underwear matching

In order to achieve the best dressing effect, the matching of sexy underwear is a very important step.You can match high heels, nails, etc. to make yourself more sexy and charming.In addition, pay attention to the matching of styles and occasions, and the appropriate matching method will show yourself more perfectly.

9. Give yourself full confidence and charm

Wearing sexy sexy underwear on the wedding night must give yourself full confidence and charm.This can make the bride more relaxed and add more color to the night’s love night.

10. Conclusion

In short, you need to pay attention to many aspects of wearing sexy underwear on the wedding night, including materials, styles, models, matching, maintenance, etc.As long as you choose the underwear that suits you, it is properly matched to make yourself more confident and charming. I believe there will be a perfect wedding night.

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