Women’s erotic underwear Huangwen

Definition of women’s sex lingerie

For sexy underwear, we usually think of sexy, temptation and private.In fact, the existence of women’s erotic underwear is to enrich sexual life, increase interest and creative sexy atmosphere.

Sex underwear type

Women’s erotic underwear is roughly divided into four types:

Princess swimsuit

Lace underwear

SM sexy underwear

Ultra -thin underwear

Applicable occasions of different types of sexy underwear

Select sex underwear according to the situation of use. Generally, sexy underwear can be divided into the following:

Suitable for sexy underwear for dating.

Female underwear suitable for family life occasions.

Suitable for sexy underwear for private occasions.

Selection of Size of Sex Lingerie

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the selection of the size. This is the key factor to ensure the comfort and effect of wearing. It is recommended to go to a professional sexy underwear shop to try it on, or choose according to your body.

Selection skills of sexy underwear

When buying, pay attention to underwear suitable for your body, and pay attention to the choices of fabrics, styles, colors and other aspects.If you are not sure which style to choose, you can try a few more to find the one that suits you.

Tips for wearing sexy underwear

When wearing a sexy underwear, it is important to note that although some styles look very sexy, it is not effective after wearing it. You need to pay attention to matching clothing and shoes choices, which can make the figure more prominent and the effect is better.

Falling underwear maintenance

For the maintenance of sexy underwear, it is recommended to follow the following points:

Wash the underwear according to the instructions on the label.

Try to use the special underwear cleaning solution to wash and keep it soft.

Do not expose underwear in the sun.

Spring underwear price

The price of sexy underwear varies from factors such as materials, brands and styles. Generally speaking, the price of stars’ sexy underwear will be more expensive, and the price of some niche brands in sex lingerie is relatively cheap.

The importance of women’s sex lingerie

Interest underwear can enrich sexual life, increase interest and creative sexy atmosphere, and plays an important role in improving the feelings between husband and wife and enhancing the happiness of life.


Women’s erotic lingerie is suitable for both single women and married women.Choosing a suitable sex underwear can not only increase the fun of life, but also help the relationship between husband and wife.

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