Women’s sexy underwear placket picture Daquan

Women’s sexy lingerie is more and more loved by women.The lightning design is not only distinctive, but also a coolness in the hot summer.Not only that, but also one of the very sexy representatives.In the following, we will bring you a picture of women’s sexy lingerie styles and detailed explanations, aiming to bring you more selection inspiration.

1. Irregular placket camisole

This style is a more popular in recent years.It is characterized by irregular plackets before and after, and the chest lines are stretched to make the chest shape fuller.Combined with a camisole, it is very sexy.It is recommended to choose conventional pink and black, which is even more charming.


2. lace cardigan style

This style is a conjoined version, mainly because the front part of the clothes is designed with a thicker lace edge.Therefore, this women’s sexy lingerie can have a breathability at high temperature, and the chest will be highlighted.At the same time, it is also a relatively soft creative style with high comfort.It is recommended to choose black, white, pink, etc.


3. V -shaped collagenic governing type

The V -collar placket type is a more typical design, and it will not be simple at first glance.It is more conventional, with a delicate fork buckle behind it, and the chest of the DDD cup is more secure.The recommended color is black or fleshy.


4. Lace splicing

This is a splicing design of women’s erotic lingerie. There are open mouths in front and back, with lace stitching, which is more beautiful.Whether shopping or traveling with lovers, you can create a sexy and elegant feeling.The color is more suitable for dark or dark red.


5. Bracelet cardigan style

The handbag bracer zipped cardigan looks more like a short jacket.Its unique design and zipper on the handbag made it a strong sense of decision.There are open mouths in front and back, and the chest lines will be more prominent.It is recommended to choose black and light brown.


6. Gem collar cardigan style

The gem collar cardiac shirt is a more gorgeous female sexy underwear. It mainly uses high -quality fabrics. In addition, it looks pretty gorgeous gem collar, which makes people first notice the details of the collar.At the same time, it is also a product with a high degree of comfort and preference.Recommended color dark blue or white.


7. lace cardigan style

The lace cardigan is also a very popular placket style.Due to the multi -layered lace design, countless flavors and atmosphere can be emitted.Its comfortable and soft feeling makes people unable to resist.It is recommended to choose ivory color and purple red.


8. Multi -layer superposition

Unlike lace cardigan, the multi -layer superposition is based on forging.A light tulle is added to the back, and the lace layout is more moving with the back of the back.Because of its high quality, it is undoubtedly a comfortable and soft female sexy underwear.The recommended color is black and pink.


9. All lace cardigan style

The whole lace cardigan is a pure lace design. There are open mouths on the chest and back. The collar and cuffs are matched with lace materials, which is sexy and elegant.This kind of female sexy lingerie is very suitable for dance, dinner and other occasions.The recommended color is white or purple -red.


10. Full -open type

Full -placket type is a very practical and effective design.There is a mouthful on the back and front, and it is very comfortable to wear in hot weather.Different colors can show different sexy and oxidation levels.The recommended color is violet and yellow.


In short, women’s sexy lingerie opens have a variety of different brands and textures, but they are also similar.No matter which style you choose, you must ensure its comfort and durability.After appreciating the above pictures, try to buy your favorite style!

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