Xiao Shou wearing sexy underwear photos


Interest underwear has always been a sexy and mysterious representative.I believe everyone has had a certain understanding and contact, but the sexy underwear of different styles and different functions still makes people unable to start.Here, I want to introduce a sexy underwear called "Little Sin".

What is Xiao Shou?

Xiao Shou is a kind of sexy underwear worn by men, and its design inspiration comes from women’s bra.It can wrap the male hips and present a plump curve, allowing men to have sexy charm when wearing.

Small type

There are many types of small suits, which can be selected according to different needs and scenes.For example, some small people use the materials such as lace or mesh, showing a gentle and charming style; some of them focus on tightening the hip lines and emphasizing the beauty of masculinity.

Matching skills

If you want to wear a small one into different styles, matching is the key.You can choose high -waist pants, shorts, jeans and other different pants to create a different sweet or handsome atmosphere.

Small size selection

The small sizes of different brands may be different, so you must measure your size before buying and choose the appropriate size.Excessive or too small size will affect the effect of small suffrage and even uncomfortable.

Small maintenance

Although Xiao Shou seems to be fragile, as long as it is well maintained, it can extend the service life.When cleaning, use special erotic underwear cleaning fluids, and use hand washing to avoid friction or machine washing.At the same time, avoid direct sunlight when drying, avoid fading and deformation.

Small use scenario

In addition to being worn in family private occasions, Xiao Shou can also be used for special situations or absurd fun, showing a bold and challenging side.Of course, pay attention to protecting the safety and respect of yourself and your partner.


Xiao Shou is not only a sexy underwear that is dressed, but also a symbol of gender independence and liberation. It allows men to break through and explore the dimensions of sexy and gender identity.

Small development

With the progress and development of society, the small varieties and functions are constantly being updated and expanded.More and more brands and designers have begun to pay attention to and study the design of men’s underwear, which has also made the market’s market more mature.


In general, the appearance of Xiao Su has enriched the market and culture of sexy underwear, bringing more choices and fun to men. Of course, it is necessary to experience it on the basis of protecting themselves and others.

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