Ye Jiayi wears a sexy underwear

Fashion goddess Ye Jiayi’s sexy underwear with cheats

Ye Jiayi, the fashion goddess, has always been a fashion icon in everyone’s minds. Not only is they going out and decent, but the private lingerie in private is also quite stunning.So, which styles of underwear can make her so fairy?Let’s take a look at the following.

The perfect combination of stockings and black lace bra

Ye Jiayi often chooses black lace bras with black stockings with black stockings, showing her sexy and coquettish side.Although the black lace bra, although it is simple but sexy and atmospheric, the shiny stockings can better highlight the leg lines.

Sexy small vest with lace pants pants

Ye Jiayi in private, in addition to wearing some charming sexy underwear, the small vest is also her good choice.With lace pants, it is not sexy and meets the needs of comfort, making the whole person look more charming and charming.

Playful red color sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, one obvious feature of Ye Jiayi is the colorful lingerie, especially the red sexy underwear.Not only can show her sexy charm, but also to increase the mystery of the whole person.

Classical lace coat

In addition to the traditional bras and underwear matching, lace coats have also become a highlight of Ye Jiayi’s sexy underwear, showing her elegance and gorgeous.At the same time, the jacket can better highlight the body advantage and show the beautiful figure of women.

The silver shiny lingerie of the shoulder strap

Ye Jiayi likes to choose some sexy underwear with full shoulder straps and bright colors, especially the bright colors such as silver and gold.These colors can not only show women’s confidence and openness, but also increase the highlights of the whole person.

Secret weapons of sexy dressing -fun conjoined socks

In addition to ordinary erotic underwear, erotic conjoined socks are also an indispensable part of Ye Jiayi’s weekend.It not only has a sexy effect, but also the tight fabric also makes the conjoined socks have better comfort. It is a secret weapon that is stunning immediately.

Black short bikini conjoined underwear

Bikini -type underwear has always been Ye Jiayi’s love. The perfect and simple style of black makes the whole person look sexy and full of atmospheric temperament.Suitable for daily wear or private parties, exquisite design makes people irresistible.

Create the ultimate sexy -open crotch erotic underwear

As a perfect sexy representative, the open crotch erotic underwear has become an important part of Ye Jiayi in private.It can not only show women’s unique sexy and charming, but also make the whole person look more charming and charming.

Purple sexy deep V sexy underwear

The purple deep V sex underwear is also a big hobby of Ye Jiayi. This color not only represents mysterious and nobleness, but also shows the sexy and charming of women well, suitable for the combination of various occasions.


In general, Ye Jiayi’s sexy lingerie style and color have a strong sexy charm and fashion sense, showing her sexy and noble.But when choosing underwear, we should determine according to factors such as our body, complexion, temperament, and more importantly, to feel the confidence and beauty that the underwear brings to ourselves, so that ourselves also emit a mystery in our hearts.The breath.

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