Yiwu Intellectual Underwear Professional Street

Yiwu Intellectual Underwear Professional Street

Yiwu is one of the largest small commodity wholesale markets in China, and it is also the "small commodity capital" in China.There is the world’s largest small commodity market, and it is the gathering place for many sexy underwear wholesalers.Here is a "Yiwu Interesting Underwear Professional Street" dominated by small commodities business and sex underwear trading as the main body.

Interest underwear is a kind of underwear full of temptation and mystery. It is loved by women, but when buying sexy underwear, it often encounters a lot of difficulties.In Yiwu’s specialty small commodity market, a large number of sexy underwear merchants can provide customers with the most professional and perfect services.Below, let’s take a look at this professional street:

1. Origin of Yiwu Interesting Underwear

Yiwu Saito Underwear has always been one of the characters in the center in the small commodity market."Yiwu Interesting Underwear Professional Street" is the most professional, largest, and most comprehensive business district among thousands of sexy underwear merchants.It was a one -stop service complex for erotic underwear relying on the resources of Yiwu’s characteristic small commodity market at the beginning of Yiwu’s rise.

2. The scale and layout of the business district

Yiwu Interesting Underwear Professional Street is located at the north gate of Yiwu City. The commercial street is 1.5 kilometers, forming a business district from south to north.Its merchant covers an area of nearly 100,000 square meters, scattered on both sides of the street and in the shopping malls, forming a very complete sales network, and a number of interests of both designing, manufacturing, wholesale, and retail are born among these sales points.Underwear brand.

3. Commodity brand and characteristics

When referring to the professional street of Wuxi Interest, locals and people in the industry will think of two brands: one is "violent aesthetics" and the other is "ankle beauty".These two brands represent the two major characteristics of Yiwu’s professional street professional street: one is the brand innovation; the other is the diversification of product style.

4. Quality guarantee and material

As a hot -selling underwear, the material of sexy underwear is very important.In the professional street of Yuxu’s sexy underwear, the material of the sexy underwear cannot be said to be consistent, but they are all good quality and relatively environmentally friendly.Generally, sexy underwear uses soft and breathable polyester fibers and lace materials. These materials are comfortable, soft, and bright in color, and can fully express the beauty of sexy underwear.

5. European and American style and international trends

Because it is the world’s largest small commodity market, Yiwu’s sex underwear brand is very fast and its style is changeable.From the European and American style to the Korean style, various types of sexy underwear can be found on the professional street of Yowu’s sexy underwear.

6. After -sales service

In Yiwu’s professional street professional street, merchants have high requirements for after -sales service because they want to attract customers for long -term purchase.Generally, when buying sexy underwear, merchants will provide free exchanges, refund, free maintenance and other after -sales service. These service items can provide customers with good purchase guarantees and service guarantees.

7. The type of customer group and suitable for the crowd

The sexy underwear of each brand has its own suitable customer base. It can be said that the suitable population is basically a wide range of clothing, which can meet the needs of people of different ages, gender, occupations, etc.However, there are still some people who do not understand this market. If you choose a sexy underwear that does not match your rights and interests, you may also have to varying degrees of problems.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you need to choose the sexy underwear that suits you best according to factors such as your body shape, preferences, temperament.

8. Comprehensive inventory

If you don’t want to buy sexy underwear in a shop, then come to Yifei Sexy underwear professional street, you can shop one stop, buy the most suitable sexy underwear, and at the same time, you can also enjoy affordable prices, professional services, professional servicesGuarantee and perfect after -sales service.


As a complex that integrates the design, processing, and sales of sexy underwear design, processing, and sales, his various operators will always maintain a complementary and mutually beneficial attitude in their peers.The spirit of mutual assistance has also stimulated the vitality and innovation spirit of many entrepreneurs, so that the small commodity companion group in this area has glowed with new vitality.

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