Zhi Ling, ah, sexy underwear


In modern society, sex and sexy underwear are already a very common topic.Whether it is a long -distance running husband and wife, or a couple who just handed over, and even a single Han and single women, they will consider using erotic underwear to improve the quality of sexual life.

Adult sexy underwear

Adult erotic lingerie refers to a clothing that improves the quality of sex.They are usually designed as a sexy and attractive appearance because they aim to make people feel more sexy and attractive.

Beauty sexy sheet

Beauty erotic underwear is a women’s underwear that provides women with various options.These choices include "bras", "even body fun underwear", "thongs", "robe" and so on.These styles can be used alone or combined to create a perfect shape.

Sexy lingerie

Sexual emotional lingerie usually refers to underwear that reflects female sexy.These styles of underwear are usually black or red and are designed to be clear.They are a tool for helping to improve fun and sexual life.

European and American sexy underwear

European and American sexy underwear is generally used in the European and American markets. This underwear usually focuses on design and appearance, and to a certain extent, it is mainly based on traditional style.It usually prefers to attract sexy temptations, so that people will guide their desires.


D branches are one of the most common adult erotic underwear, and they are also the most important type.It has many different types, such as: triangle bra, custom underwear, full cup bra, half -cup bra.No matter what kind of bra, it helps to shape women’s breasts and make it more perfect.


Through pants are underwear that provides a planned perspective and perspective effect at the same time.It usually includes fabrics such as fine yarn, lace and transparent yarn.The design of thongs is often used to shape women’s body shape and show sexy effects.

Knight set

Knight set is one of the very exposed adult sexy underwear, which is generally suitable for the use of couples.Knight sets include a variety of components, such as: erotic trousers, feather earrings, etc.These components help increase the fun of sexual life.


The suspender is a simple integrated sexy underwear, which is not only a symbol of sexy, but also improves interest.The suspender is usually made of lightweight fabric, which is a mobile underwear worn in summer.The sexy lingerie of the sling style can make women’s figure more perfect and make them look more sexy.


The robe is usually made of soft fabrics such as silk, cotton, wool.Although the robe is usually considered a casual clothing, in the adult’s sexy underwear market, the robe is regarded as a sexy accessory with exotic mood.Its role is to make women look elegant and sexy.

in conclusion

In short, the use of sexy underwear is far beyond the simple underwear.Whether you want to irritate sex or show your body better, sexy underwear is an effective tool.As long as you understand this market and choose your underwear that suits you, you can increase sexual interest and better enjoy sex.