Even the sexy lingerie hand tears

What is even body fun underwear?

Even the body’s sex lingerie, also known as a conjoined hanging stocking suit, is a type of sexual erotic underwear composed of tops, lower clothes and hanging sticks. They are sewn together to form an overall clothing item that can cover the entire body part.

Even the material of body sex lingerie

The material of the body’s sexy underwear usually includes polyester fiber, silk, lace, cotton, and elastic cellulose.These materials are soft, light, and breathable, and can make out the beautiful curve of the female body, making people more admirable.

Different colors and styles

Even the sexy underwear usually has sexy colors such as black and red. In addition, even the body’s sexy underwear also has different styles such as lace, mesh, red lace, sexy hollow and fish nets, which meet the needs of different women.

Even the style of body sex lingerie

From layered to full fixed formula, from the one with the chest pad to the thoracic pads, from the naked back to the back, even the body’s sexy underwear can have different styles.In addition, even the body’s sexy underwear can also include different design styles such as clavicle chain, chest sealing, and back exposure, which meets the needs of women on different occasions.

Choose a conjoined erotic underwear that suits you

It is very important to choose a physical and sexy underwear that suits you.You need to consider body characteristics, skin color and personal occasions.If you want to show your T -shaped sexy curve, you can choose a tight lace or high elastic material. At the same time, even the length of the sexy underwear skirt should also take into account personal needs in order to better modify the figure.

Select the right underwear size

Choosing a suitable one -piece sexy underwear size is very important.If the size is too small, the underwear will not be able to embrace the body, causing discomfort; but the size is too large, the underwear will not be able to support the body, which will lead to lack of support.Therefore, it is very important to choose the right size. Remember not to choose a large size with an excuse of "large size and relaxation".

How to maintain even body erotic underwear

In order to make Lianyou’s underwear have a longer service life, you need to pay attention to maintenance.Wash them with cold water and mild soap and dry them in a cool place.You can also buy special cleaning products to protect texture and fabrics.In addition, do not wash and dryer with hot water to avoid deformation or damage of the material.

Even the applicable occasion of body sex lingerie

Even physical underwear is usually suitable for sexy, romantic and private occasions.For example, in special occasions such as honeymoon, Valentine’s Day and weddings, you can choose to even have physical and sexy underwear to increase the atmosphere and add interest.

Local sexy underwear matching

Compared with other clothing items, even physical and sexy underwear is more sexy, so you need to be cautious with matching.If you want more ways to wear, you can stack other underwear or coats to better control this sexy item.


Even physical underwear is a very sexy and romantic clothing item, which meets the needs of women’s pursuit of beauty and sexy.Choosing the right style, size and matching, and proper maintenance methods can make Lian physical and sexy underwear have a longer life and better effect.It is worth noting that you must respect yourself, choose a physical and sexy underwear that is consistent with your own physical characteristics, and pay attention to wearing a physical and sexy underwear under the suitable occasion.

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