Wear sex underwear ultra -fine high heels

Wear sex underwear ultra -fine high heels

Putting on sexy underwear and ultra -fine high heels can make women feel more sexy and confident.However, how to choose the most suitable for you?This article will answer these questions for you.

1. Sexy underwear style

The style of sexy underwear is very rich. Common categories include lace, lace, small vests, suspenders, shoulder straps, three -point style, etc.Different styles of sexy underwear are suitable for different figures. Choosing a style that suits you will make your body more advantageous.

2. Material selection

The material of sexy underwear includes cotton, silk, lace, gauze, polyester, etc.When choosing underwear, choose a soft, comfortable, and sweat -absorbent material to avoid too stimulating the skin.

3. Size selection

The size of sex underwear is usually different, and it is not necessarily consistent with the size of ordinary underwear.When choosing a sexy underwear, select the size according to your actual size, so that you can wear it more suitable.

4. High -heeled shoes style

The style of high heels is very rich, and there are many choices from styles to color.The popular high heels include fine heels, high heels, high heels, flat high heels, cat heel high heels, etc.

5. High selection

There are also many options for high heels, with flat high -heeled shoes of about 3cm, and super high heels with more than 15cm.When choosing height, consider the occasion, physical endurance, body proportion, etc., do not blindly choose too high or too low height.

6. Color matching

Wearing sexy underwear and high heels, consider color matching.Improper matching will make the entire color matching very abrupt, and correct matching can make the entire clothing more beautiful.It is best to choose similar colors, or use color theory to match.

7. Selection of accessories

When mating with sexy underwear and high heels, accessories are also crucial.For example, choosing a beautiful necklace, earrings or bracelets can make the entire accessories more perfect.However, be careful not to be too gorgeous, so as not to show an inconsistent effect.

8. Matching occasions

Wearing erotic underwear and high heels also need to be considered, and the matching of different occasions also has different requirements.For example, in formal occasions such as dinner and dinner, you need to choose the appropriate underwear and high -heeled shoes, and in a private situation, it is suitable for wearing sexy erotic underwear.

Viewpoint: It is necessary to consider many factors with sexy underwear and high heels, and each person’s physical characteristics are different, so you need to choose according to factors such as your body characteristics, occasions.Through careful matching, you can make yourself look more charming, and you can also improve your self -confidence and charm.

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