Wearing a sexy underwear and boyfriend cohabitation

The beginning of sweetness

When you start living with your boyfriend, the relationship between you has been upgraded to a new level.And wearing erotic underwear adds more fun to your life.Different styles of interest underwear have different effects, which can make you more comfortable, free and sexy.When you start to enjoy the happiness at this moment, choose your favorite types and styles.

Types of sex underwear

First of all, we need to understand what kind of sexy underwear.According to styles and effects, it can generally be divided into different types such as denim, lace, transparent, beads, and decorations.Denim clothing underwear gives people a feeling of sports and youth; lace reflects women’s softness and charming.Transparent and beaded are more sexy and gorgeous; sexy underwear added to special decoration can achieve the effect of personalized customization.

Sexuality control

Pay attention to the principles of natural comfort and sexy matching in sexy underwear.Even though some types of erotic underwear look dare to wear, you may feel very tight or match when you wear it.At this time, you can try to match the appropriate clothes, or choose a larger sexy underwear to maintain your sexy level and comfort.


The internal design of sexy underwear is very important, and any details of the details may affect your wonderful experience.Therefore, be sure to choose the superb and sophisticated sexy underwear.When buying, you should also see if there are incomplete problems such as incision, line head, wool edge, hook eyes, etc. These may be exposed on the skin surface.


The size of underwear and bras is a very important issue.The correct match allows you to give full play to your sexy and self -confidence.It should be noted that sexy underwear is slightly different from ordinary underwear, and it is generally smaller.Therefore, you must explain your body size before shopping, and choose the specification that suits you.

Color choice

In addition to styles and types, color choices also have a very important impact on the effect of sexy underwear.Dark sexy underwear will make you look more mysterious, calm and full of sense of strength, while light colors look more cute, sexy and gentle.For different scenes and moods, we can choose richer colors to express our inner feelings and emotions.

Falling underwear maintenance

The maintenance of sexy underwear is one of the basic skills.Especially the sexy underwear containing cellulose and crystal decoration, especially be careful when cleaning.The best way to clean is to soak in warm water, and then gently massage and wipe.When drying, pay attention to avoid direct sunlight.

Falling underwear sharing

Interest underwear is not only a personal personal item, but also the share of you and your boyfriend.A unique erotic underwear or a set of erotic underwear will make the intimacy between you better communicate and trust.The more this sharing, the more freedom, openness and beauty your relationship will be added.


Wearing sexy underwear is sometimes to make yourself more beautiful and confident.When getting along with her boyfriend, the presence of sexy underwear has a sense of intimacy and security.The comfort and pleasant body of the body and the soul are the best embodiment of your wonderful life.Let us wear sexy underwear and enjoy a happier life.

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