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What is outer wearing erotic jelly

Interest underwear is one of the sexy lingerie styles of modern women.As a trendy way to wear sexy underwear, it is gradually being accepted and sought after by more and more women.Even in daily life, women can show the sexy charm of women by wearing sexy underwear.Wearing erotic underwear incorporates fashion elements on the basis of retaining sexy elements, becoming one of the popular trendy fashion items for women.

Common styles of sexy underwear outside

In addition to the function of wearing erotic lingerie, you also have a sexy temperament and help in the image of women.Depending on the style, wearing sexy underwear can be divided into the following types:

Lace erotic lingerie: The main material is lace, delicate and soft, showing the beautiful curve of women.

Ferry underwear: weaving into a mesh design, giving a sense of mystery and color.

Performing sexy lingerie: Created with transparent materials such as real silk or lace, exposing the skin and showing the female body curve.

Personal and sexual underwear: The design of the naked sensation, close the body, can effectively show the body proportion.

The contrasting color matching of sexy underwear

The color is currently very popular fashion matching, and it is also very applicable when wearing sexy underwear.Women can choose a shirt, skirt, etc., which are opposite to the color of underwear, to make the overall shape more layered and color contrast.

Accessories with sex underwear outside

Appropriate accessories can improve the matching effect of wearing sexy underwear and make the overall image of women more perfect.It is recommended that women match sequins such as jewelry and earrings to make the overall eye -catching.

Outside sexy underwear options on different occasions

For women, it is very important to choose a suitable external wear underwear on different occasions. Different environments and occasions need to choose different styles of underwear.In daily life, women can choose a sexy underwear for plain or mesh -eye perspective, so that they can stand out in the group; in the occasion of parties, gatherings, etc., you can choose a stylish personality and rich erotic lingerie to match it to let the pattern of erotic lingerie and let the pattern are combined to let the pattern.I have a sense of superiority and self -confidence.

The correct way to wear sexy underwear on the workplace

There are a lot of attention to wearing fun underwear on the workplace.It is recommended that women choose vegetarian pornographic underwear and match proper coats to make themselves solemn and dignified without losing sexy.At the same time, to avoid choosing too exposed sexy underwear, so as not to cause other people to adversely affect work efficiency.

Fashion matching skills of wearing sex lingerie

If you want to wear a beautiful external wear underwear, you need to master some fashion matching skills.You can choose a bright color coat with a pornographic underwear to create a beautiful atmosphere; it can also be paired with high heels and other shoes to set out the charming posture of women.

Maintenance of sexy underwear outside

It is very important for the maintenance of sexy underwear. It is necessary to find a balance point between the aesthetics and sexuality of sexy underwear.It is recommended that women use hand washing to clean sexy underwear and use professional cleaning agents to make the sexy underwear more delicate and soft, so as to extend the service life.

How to correctly choose to wear sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to your own shape and preference. You must choose a sexy underwear that is suitable for your body curve to avoid discomfort when wearing.At the same time, you also need to pay attention to the choice of style to avoid choosing over -exposed sexy underwear.


Wearing sexy underwear has a unique charm. Under the correct choice and matching, it can bring sexy and charming charm to women.However, it is necessary to cooperate reasonably when wearing it to boldly release the inner self -confidence and sexy.Of course, wearing erotic underwear is not suitable for all occasions, and women need to choose the right occasion to wear.I believe that in the future life, wearing sexy underwear will also become an indispensable part of women’s fashion matching.

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