How to avoid the embarrassment of wearing sexy underwear

How to avoid the embarrassment of wearing sexy underwear


Interest underwear is a special underwear, and sometimes it brings some embarrassment to the wearer, especially when the occasion is unclear.Here are some useful skills and suggestions, which can help you avoid being embarrassed when wearing sexy underwear.

Understand occasion

It is important to understand the occasion when choosing to wear sexy underwear.If you wear sexy underwear at dating, you can choose a red or black sexy underwear.But if you are at home activities or business gatherings, it is best to choose more conservative underwear.

Size is important

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Choosing the right size is the key. Too small size will make you feel tight. Excessive size may make sexy underwear lose its special effects.Make sure you choose the correct size when buying sexy underwear, especially bra and bottom underwear.

Choose a style that suits you

Everyone’s body is different, and it is important to choose a sexy lingerie style that suits them.In addition, your preferences should also be considered, and you should be comfortable and confident.You can try different styles to determine which one is most suitable for you.

Brightness is not necessarily the best choice

When choosing a sexy underwear, the bright colors can attract people’s attention, but this is not necessarily the best choice.If you want a more conservative and fashionable appearance, the dark color color is more suitable than light tones, such as black or gray.

Pay attention to material quality

The material and quality of sexy underwear are the key factor that determines comfort and appearance.You should choose the material suitable for your skin, such as cotton or velvet, but avoid choosing low -quality synthetic materials.High -quality materials make you feel more comfortable, durable and better.

dress up

If you want to wear sexy underwear in public, you must match it properly.Try to match elegant but not eye -catching clothing, such as long -sleeved shirts and trousers.Remember, sexy underwear is worn inside, not what people want to see in public.


Makeup is also very important

When wearing sexy underwear, it is also important to have an appropriate makeup.Fine and conservative makeup, such as natural eye makeup and lipstick, will help highlight your underwear without making you look too gorgeous.Avoid excessive makeup, which will make people override your face, not the part you want.

Fashion show is not suitable for actual life

The beauty of sexy underwear model on the fashion show is unforgettable, but those clothing is not suitable for actual life.The model wearing a sexy and strange shape of the model is to attract the attention of audiences and designers.Even though some underwear looks good on the fashion show, it may be awkward to wear on you.

Confidence is the key

No matter what kind of sexy underwear you choose, self -confidence is the key.Interest underwear can make you feel sexy and confident, but this depends on your own attitude.If you feel nervous or unconfident, it is easy to feel embarrassed when wearing sexy underwear.Therefore, please enjoy your sexy underwear and keep confident.


The key to wearing sexy underwear is to understand occasions, choose the style and size that suits you, properly match, avoid excessive brightness, choose high -quality materials, makeup naturally conservative, remember that the fun underwear worn by the model is not suitable for actual life.More importantly, keep confident and enjoy this journey of wearing a sexy underwear, because this is the best time for you to understand yourself and show the charm of women.