Sex underwear delivery packaging

Sex underwear delivery packaging

1. Sealed packaging

Sexy underwear is a private product that needs to ensure confidentiality. Therefore, whether consumers who buy sexy underwear are online or online, they need to be sealed when shipping.

2. Anonymous delivery

When considering buying sexy underwear, many consumers are most worried that they know that they have purchased such a product during the mailing process.Therefore, when shipping, it is necessary to send it anonymously on the package, that is, the name of the merchant or business items is not indicated on the outer packaging.

3. Forbidden appearance observation

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With the development of the logistics industry, the logistics company will scan the package when sending express delivery. Therefore, when the sexy underwear is shipped, the underwear must be wrapped with opaque materials to avoid the appearance of the package.Essence

4. Protecting privacy

In addition to sealed packaging, anonymous delivery, and prohibiting appearance observation, merchants need to consider protecting consumers’ privacy when shipping.In the delivery list, any information related to sexy underwear cannot be appeared to protect consumers’ privacy.

5. Simple packaging

When the sexy underwear is shipped, it is generally selected to be packaged, that is, the weight of the merchant’s LOGO and the weight of the wrapping only on the wrap.This can protect consumer privacy to the greatest extent.

6. Selection of courier methods

The choice of courier companies and courier methods is also very important.Merchants need to choose a reputable courier company and choose the courier service provider where consumers are located.When the product is delivered to the local delivery center, the distribution method that meets the privacy protection is selected for delivery.

7. With gifts

In order to improve the satisfaction of customers, some merchants will bring some small gifts in the package when shipping, such as sex perfumes and romantic candles.This can not only increase the added value of the product, but also enhance the user’s purchase experience.


8. Holiday packaging

Holiday packaging is also a way to increase user purchase experience.On special days such as major festivals or Valentine’s Day, merchants can provide special packaging in a targeted manner to meet the needs of consumers to purchase gifts.

9. Intimate reminder

Some sexy underwear delivery merchants will contact the customer before delivery, and provide some intimate prompts during delivery, such as how to care, wearing precautions, etc., so as to increase consumers ‘trust in themselves, increase users’ usersBuy satisfaction.

10. Summary

The passage channels for sex underwear are relatively special. Merchants must take a series of measures to ensure the safety and privacy of the goods.In order to meet the needs of customers, merchants can provide some additional services during the delivery process, such as gifts, festivals packaging, intimate prompts, etc., to increase customer purchase experience.In addition, when choosing delivery channels, courier companies, and courier methods, merchants need to pay attention to many factors.Only on the premise of various considerations and strengthening confidentiality measures can consumers’ trust and brand influence be increased.