How to simply make self -made erotic underwear at home

How to simply make self -made erotic underwear at home


Interest underwear has always been one of the important props for women to show their charm.If you are tired of the uniform underwear style in the store and want to try some innovative designs, then self -made erotic underwear may be a good choice.This article will teach you how to simply make your own sexy underwear at home.

Material preparation

Before starting making sexy underwear, you need to prepare some necessary materials.Basic sexy underwear materials include elastic cloth, ribbon, hook eyes and buttons.You can also add some small decorations, such as velvet, beads, lace, etc. to increase the charm of underwear.

Choose the right style

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When choosing a sexy lingerie style, you need to consider your body and preference.Underwear styles for women with different bodies are also different.If your body is fatter, choose some compressed underwear styles to make you look slimmer.In addition, the color of the underwear also needs to consider whether it is suitable for your skin tone.


Tailor -made is the key to making sexy underwear.You need to measure key parts such as your bust, waist and hips.Then cut according to your own size.When cutting, pay attention to retain a certain amount of cutting balance in order to adjust during sewing.

Sewing underwear cup

Underwear cups are the key parts of sexy underwear and one of the difficulties in making.Under normal circumstances, the underwear cup is stitched from two layers of cloth, and some sponges or cotton are filled in the middle.Pay attention to the tension and tightness of the fabric when sewing the underwear cup.

Sewing underwear chest strap

Underwear chest strap is an important part of connecting the lingerie cup.Generally speaking, underwear chest straps need to be longer for adjustment when wearing.When sewing underwear chest straps, you need to pay attention to the width, length and looseness of the chest strap.

Sewing the bottom of the underwear

The bottom edge of the underwear needs to be more compact than the underwear cup and underwear chest strap to ensure the stability of the underwear.When sewing the bottom of the underwear, you need to ensure that the bottom edge is close to the body and will not slide.


Add decoration

After completing the production of basic sexy underwear, you can add some small decorations according to your preference, such as lace, beads, velvet, etc.These small decorations make your underwear more unique and attractive.

Try and adjust

After completing the production of sexy underwear, you need to try on and adjust.Pay attention to the comfort and stability of the underwear when trying on.If the underwear is too loose or too tight, you need to adjust.


Self -making underwear at home allows you to get more freedom and creativity.However, making sexy underwear requires some skills and patience.I hope this article can help you.