Style of sexy underwear

Style of sexy underwear

Understand love underwear pants

Sexy underwear is an important prop to show her unique charm. Different styles show different sexy and charm.Interest underwear pants are mainly divided into two types: split type and conjoined type.

Split sexy underwear pants

The split -style sexy underwear can be worn separately, consisting of two parts: top and underwear.Among them, the tops include bras, bras and other styles, and pants include suspenders, briefs, lace pants, etc., which can be matched according to personal preferences.

Conjusational sexy underwear pants

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Conjusational sexy underwear is more sexy and bolder than the split type.Among them, cheongsam, suspenders, lace type and other styles can create sexy effects.

Sexuality Fun underwear

Sexual feelings are important channels for showing women’s sexy. The most representative of which is thong pants.Different fabrics, colors, and patterns can create different sexy temptations, such as lace and mesh.

Adult sexy underwear pants

Adult sexy underwear is mainly used in the occasion of sex toys and role -playing.The most representative of which is open crotch underwear, interest tights, etc. These styles are designed to better meet the needs of men and women.

European and American sexy underwear pants

European and American sexy underwear is famous for sexy and bold, the most representative of which is stockings lace panties.European and American sexy underwear often uses a lot of silk fabrics and metal decoration elements to create a charming style.

Japanese and Korean sex underwear

Japanese and Korean sex underwear is known for fresh literature and art. The most representative of which is the cute girl series.Japanese and Korean sexy underwear mainly uses cotton fabric, elegant color matching, cute pattern design and other elements.


Transparent sexy underwear

Transparent sexy underwear is a representative style of sexy charm, which is mainly made of transparent fabric.Among them, a variety of fabrics such as mesh, lace, and hollowed out can be selected, and different feelings bring different experiences.

Cat Woman Fun Underwear

Cat women’s sexy underwear is a representative style in the role -playing underwear. It mainly uses color such as black, golden, and a large number of metal decorative elements.In general, including cat ears, gloves, panties, etc.


The sexy underwear is diverse. When choosing, you must match it according to your preferences and body shape.Different styles can be matched with different occasions and different clothes to create different charm.Try different styles to make yourself more confident and sexy.