Interesting underwear originated from

Interesting underwear originated from

Sexy underwear is a trendy fashion of modern women. It not only breaks through the traditional chastity bondage, but also is a way to express personality and confidence.So what is the origin of sexy underwear?This article will reveal the origin of sexy underwear for you.

Silk Culture: Interesting underwear originally originated from ancient Chinese silk culture

We all know that China is the hometown of silk.In ancient times, silk was a very precious and luxurious material.In ancient times, it was mainly used to make clothing of nobles and royal members.Over time, silk has become a popular material, which is no longer limited to the noble class.Many people also start wearing silk underwear to express their identity and taste.

Dormitory Culture: Enlightenment of Sunflower

In fact, sexy underwear also originally originated from bedroom culture.Sunflower, also known as Japanese, is a dormitory language that originated in Japan.It is mainly used to describe those women who wear sexy underwear in the bedroom and do various fancy performances, allowing people in the same bedroom to watch and entertain.Over time, this culture was taken to Western countries, and gradually evolved into a fashion and sexy underwear.

Famous Model Fashion: The rise of Victoria’s Secret

In addition to bedroom culture, Victoria’s Secret has pushed the fashion of sexy underwear.Victoria’s Secret is a very popular sexy underwear brand in the United States.As early as the early 1990s, Victoria’s Secret launched a series of sexy underwear fashion shows.This method of adding fashion elements to underwear has once become a popular trend in the industry.Many fashion brands have also launched similar products, which has promoted the development of sexy underwear.

Japanese culture: the cost of peace derived from kimono

Kimono is one of the national costumes in Japan. It uses a loose band as the main tight method. The sleeves are long and wide, and the skirt is long and loose.And home is a kind of upgraded version of kimono, which is a beautiful and practical costume.The peace skirt in the fit is a kind of element of dressing, which was later used in the design of sexy underwear.Therefore, Japanese culture has also contributed to the development of sexy underwear.

Ancient Roman Culture: BRA ’s Origin

Bra is one of the underwear, which originated in ancient Roman culture.In ancient Rome’s arena, soldiers often wore a chest wrapped chest cloth similar to the current BRA.The role of this chest wrap is to protect the soldiers’ chest from injury.Later, Bra gradually evolved into a female underwear to support and protect women’s chest.

Middle Ages European Culture: Bikini and Renaissance

In medieval Europe, the artistic tendency of sexy underwear gradually appeared.Women in this period value their bodies very much. They often wear tight underwear to wrap their chests and waists, and they will also put on skirts and bikinis to show their figure.In addition, the Renaissance is also an important promoter of the artistic tendency of sexy underwear.

Modern Technology: the use of new materials

Modern technology has made a lot of improvements in the design and material of sexy underwear.Many new materials, such as lace trim, real silk, linen, etc. are applied to the production of sexy underwear.These materials are often more comfortable, light and durable than traditional materials.

Sex liberation movement: the real take -off of sexy underwear

The sex liberation movement has also promoted the development of sexy underwear to a certain extent.In the sex liberation movement movement in the 1960s and 1970s, people gradually began to accept the idea of gender equality and freedom.This trend also inspired many designers and manufacturers to some extent, and they began to create more radical and bold sexy underwear.


The origin of sexy underwear is a long and interesting historical process.It is not only a trendy fashion, but also an expression of culture and trend.In today’s era, sexy underwear has become a popular cultural symbol, and it represents the confidence and charm of women.

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