Wear all transparent sexy underwear SM videos

Wear all transparent sexy underwear SM videos

Transparent erotic underwear is a very popular category in modern sexy underwear. Its design focuses on showing the beauty of women’s body lines and curves through high -quality transparent fabrics.SM video is a challenging sex, and wearing full transparent sexy underwear is also loved by many people.In this article, you will explain the SM videos of all transparent sexy underwear in detail, involving underwear styles, purchase suggestions, matching suggestions, occasion selection and other related content, so that you can enjoy this stimulus and pleasure confidently.

Style selection

When choosing a transparent sexy lingerie style, you need to consider your body and personality characteristics.Here are some styles of suggestions:

1. Three -point: Three -point erotic underwear refers to the underwear that only covers the chest and genitals, and it is very sexy and charming with the beautiful stickers or bows.

2. Open file: Open -gear erotic underwear refers to a fixed cloth below, but there is a small hole, which is convenient to wear and easy to SM behavior.

3. Maid costume: The sexy degree of the maid costume does not need to explain too much. The pink peach heart pattern or the white lege gives people a sense of pleasure and a bit of capable.

4. Leather outfit: With a fully transparent leather dress, it feels like a sexy super woman. It has a kind of conquest and freedom.


When buying transparent sexy underwear, you need to consider factors such as brands, prices and uses.

1. Brand: Choose a good brand, which has both word -of -mouth guarantee, and naturally also has better quality guarantee.

2. Price: The price does not need to be too high. The medium -level transparent sexy underwear can meet the requirements. After all, this is a one -time enjoyment product.

3. Uses: If it is used as a SM game clothing, it needs special wear resistance, bright color, good feel and so on.

With suggestions

Transparent sexy underwear must be considering matching, which can be matched with other SM supplies and equipment.

1. Piring whip: In addition to the props that can replace the props in SM games, it can also be used to knock on the body and increase the irritation.

2. Eye mask: It can make the entire body in darkness, only the vision of the people, increasing sexual interest and safety.

3. Bringing rope: Binding has a special sense of security that allows the body to relax to a certain amount, and it can also be used to enhance the pleasure of SM.


When choosing an occasion, you need to consider the relationship and psychological situation between yourself and his lover, and you cannot violate morality and ethics for comfort.

1. Classic Party: You can wear sex clothing such as flowing clouds such as party and dance.

2. SM on the bed: In the SM game on the bed, you can wear transparent sexy underwear such as opening or leather.

3. Photography: If you want to take some sexy photos, you can try to put on three points, maid costumes and other transparent sexy underwear, or combine with the props to be rich and sexy.


In the process of enjoying transparent sexy underwear and SM games, it is recommended to choose and match according to your physical condition, personality and psychological state.Don’t blindly worship a certain underwear style or some props because of the respect of others. At the same time, it is important to know that some safety knowledge is important. It is important to use and master the degree of goodness.Of course, to remind you that transparent sexy underwear is not suitable for wearing in public. We must respect the feelings of occasions and others, and take the safety of yourself and others as the first.

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