Sex underwear secretary purchase

Sex underwear secretary purchase

Sex underwear secretary purchase

1. Understand your body

You need to understand your body before buying a sexy underwear.Different underwear styles are suitable for different figures and chest shapes, so you must first understand your body type and needs.Do you need to strengthen or adjust your chest?What style to choose will be suitable for your body type?These need to be considered in advance.

2. Budget

Interest underwear has a variety of types and brands, and the price is different due to the brand.You must consider your budget before buying to avoid overruns.Of course, high -priced erotic underwear is often better quality and more delicate in design, but there are also some good quality styles suitable for your budget.

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3. Explore different styles

There are many different styles of sexy underwear.Some people like the overall type, some people like split type, and some people like mixed materials for lace and satin.Understand the characteristics and advantages of each style, and choose the style that is best for you and the body.

4. Pay attention to fabrics and materials

Fun underwear material is very important.Both breathability and comfort need to be considered.For example, silk and lace materials may cause skin allergies or discomfort if they are not breathable.Therefore, you must choose fabrics and materials that are suitable for your skin.

5. The correct size

Selection of sex underwear is important for size.If you are too young, you will hold your body. If you are too big, there will be no support.The correct size can make your body feel support and make you more comfortable.

6. Brand and quality

Choosing high -quality brands can ensure the quality of underwear.This can not only make your underwear long life, but also make them stand out when they wear it.Some brands of reputation, such as Victoria’s Secret and Chantelle, and so on.

7. Selection of accessories

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Many erotic underwear with accessories such as suspenders and pants skirts.If you want to wear more sexy, you can try to match these accessories.Of course, for some people, the matching will appear a bit superfluous.

8. Color and pattern

In addition to styles and fabrics, colors and patterns are also factors that they need to consider before buying underwear.Color should choose the color that is suitable for your skin tone and hair color.At the same time, the pattern also needs to be matched with your shape and body type without twisting the shape or making your body too bloated.

9. How to buy

If you don’t mind trying to penetrate, you can go to a physical store to buy sexy underwear.But if you like to shop online, you need to optimize the size and brand before buying, and check your reputation and comment.

10. Summary

You need to choose a sexy underwear. You need to choose cautiously.You need to consider your body, budget, accessories, materials, sizes, brands, colors, and choice to buy.Moreover, you need to remember these purchase tips to help you choose perfect sexy underwear.