Sex underwear with chest pads gathered

Sex underwear with chest pads gathered

What is the chest pad sexy underwear

The chest pad sexy underwear is a specially designed women’s underwear. They have some filling, usually some sponge or gel pads, put them in the bray cup, combined with the thin cloth surface.The main purpose of this underwear design is to provide women with additional support and gathering the role of the chest.

Why do I need to pad the chest pads

For those women with small breasts or inadequate shapes, wearing chest pads and sexy underwear can make their chests more plump and curved, look more sexy, and at the same time make them more confident and comfortable.

How does the chest pad work

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The chest pads are usually designed as lining and placed at the cup inside the bra.These cushions can be silicone, foam sponge or water bottle.When the chest is placed in a bra cup, they are pushed and gathered to the center, so that they can look fuller and sexy.

What kind of women are most suitable

Women with small breasts, or flat -shaped flats, and drooping are often the best adaptability to chest pads, because the design purpose of this sexy underwear is to provide support and gathering effects.At the same time, women with larger chests can also choose to wear chest pads and sexy underwear to increase covering and support, making the chest more appropriate.

Type of chest pad sexy underwear

In the market, there are many different types of breast pads in sexy underwear, which can be distinguished according to functions and materials.There are two main types: original chest pad underwear and shoulder strap chest pad underwear.The former is the most common type. According to the style, it can be divided into T-Shirt type, shoulder straps, deep V type, and so on.The latter is usually suitable for wearing a backless or suspender shirt, and the gathering effect is more significant.

How to choose a chest pad sexy underwear that suits you

You must pay attention to the following points that are suitable for your chest pads: the accuracy of the size, the shape of the cup, the thin and thick cushion, and what type of clothes are suitable for wearing.You need to consider your physical condition and clothing needs, and you can seek professional opinions at the same time when you buy.

How to wear chest pads in sex underwear

When wearing a chest pad underwear, you need to adjust the tight band first, then use the front hook buckle to put the bra in front of the chest, then reduce the adjustment band, to bypass them, and tied them in front.Finally, you can use the invisible fixed tablet to slowly move the two chest pads.

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How to maintain breast pads sex underwear

To maintain the bra, try to avoid using hot water and direct sunlight when cleaning underwear. Wash it by hand, use neutral soap and water to gently wash, and dry the air with a towel after washing.Avoid friction and ink, wax, etc.Need to keep the chest pads dry and clean.

About the best effect of chest pad sexy underwear

When wearing chest pads, you should pay attention to the tightness to ensure a comfortable feeling.In addition, do not put the thin pads of the underwear at the skin to avoid excessive friction.The most important thing is that although the chest pad can make the chest fuller and plump, do not choose too large mats. Pay attention to choosing chest pad underwear that conforms to the personal body structure.


Choosing chest pads and sexy underwear is a way for many women to improve beauty and confidence.However, wearing breast pads is not necessary, for those natural and plump women may not need this type of underwear.For women who want to strengthen their chest outline, they can try some chest pads and lingerie to improve their confidence and beauty.