Taobao forbidden to sell sexy underwear

Background introduction

Sexy underwear refers to underwear and clothing with a certain sexy and teasing meaning, usually made of lace, silk, mesh and other materials.In recent years, sexy underwear has become more and more favored by female consumers, and has become a new hotspot in the development of the underwear market.However, the Taobao platform recently issued a notice saying that it is not allowed to sell sexy underwear, which has attracted widespread attention.

The reason behind Taobao forbidden sale

Taobao implements the network trading platform model, which provides services as a third -party channel.In the nature of sexy underwear, Taobao claims that it has done thinking and adjustment in the concept of reform, and does not blindly offend merchants or suppress market demand.

Market demand for sexy underwear

In recent years, with the opening of society and the change of cognition, more and more women have begun to try sexy and teasing sexy underwear.Sexy underwear meets consumers’ psychological needs to a certain extent, and has also obtained considerable market returns.Therefore, for the consideration of commercial interests, sexy underwear manufacturers and sellers have great confidence and expectations for market demand.

Is Taobao’s ban on sale reasonable?

First of all, it is clear that Taobao is a self -operated platform with its own business philosophy and business policy.Secondly, because domestic laws have certain restrictions on sexy underwear, Taobao has to consider cautiousness and caution to ensure that it is complied with relevant regulations.

Whether sexy underwear is suitable for online sales

The erotic underwear itself has certain privacy and hidden secrets, which determines that its sales need to have certain confidentiality and privacy.However, online sales platforms are difficult to meet these needs. Platforms, logistics companies, and customer service personnel involved in transactions may leak information, and buying sexy underwear online is not convenient for consumers to try their actual trial effects.

The influence of Taobao forbidden sale

For sexy underwear manufacturers and sellers, Taobao forbidden sale is undoubtedly a big blow. Losing such a sales platform will also have a certain impact on industry development and company operations.But for ordinary consumers, there are other purchases of sexy underwear, which has little impact on consumers.

Other purchasing channels

In addition to Taobao, sexy underwear can also be purchased in adult products stores. These shops usually publish address and contact information on the official website, as well as sales through WeChat circle of friends and QQ groups.In addition, some fun underwear brands also have their own official website, attracting consumers to buy through publicity and online sales.

Revelation of the sexy underwear industry

The inspiration of Taobao forbidden to sell sex underwear to the sex underwear industry is that it is necessary to strengthen the supervision of product quality and production standards, while strengthening the standardization of its own brand construction and operation management.Only under this premise can the sexy underwear industry have greater development prospects.

Point of view

There are different views on Taobao forbidden to sell sexy underwear.From the perspective of consumers, how to choose sex underwear needs to be decided from their own needs and preferences.For manufacturers and sellers, strengthen the supervision of product quality and production standards, and standardize management and management of brand building is the focus, and ultimately helps the development of the industry.

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