Tulle black color sex lingerie set

Tulle black color sex lingerie set


The tulle black sexy lingerie suit is a sexy, hot underwear, which is made of soft and breathable tulle fabric, allowing you to instantly transform sexy stunners.This set of underwear is designed with black, highlighting the charm and sexy of women.


This sexy underwear jacket is divided into two parts: top and pants.The top is designed with sleeveless and off -back, with a long slit on the chest, exposing the lower abdomen and small waist under the underwear, which is more sexy.The underwear adopts a conjoined design, which fits the figure. The design has a large amount of lace and grid perspective, so that people can see the hot body at a glance.


This tulle black color erotic underwear suit mainly uses silk and lace fabrics. The silk texture is soft, smooth and comfortable, and has excellent breathability; the lace texture is light, soft, breathable and dry, and it has achieved goodness between sexy and comfortable.balance.


Put on this tulle black color sexy lingerie suit, the graceful figure of women will be perfectly displayed.The naughty lace and grid elements on the underwear add a bit of temptation, making the body curve more attractive, showing the charming charm of women.

suitable occasion

This tulle black color sexy lingerie suit is very suitable for wearing on romantic nights, celebrating birthdays, Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary, party, nightclub, etc.It can bring you self -confidence and pride, and make you the focus of the party.


This underwear suit is easy to match with various accessories, such as high heels, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and only chooses to match the jewelry with underwear to create a complete sexy shape.

Style selection

This sexy underwear suit usually has multiple styles and sizes to choose from, including S, M, L, XL and XXL and other sizes and basic models, plackets, strap type and other series.Women can choose the right style and size according to their body shape and personal preference.


This tulle black color sex lingerie suit is a very high -end underwear that requires special maintenance methods.Soak in warm water before washing, it is best to wash it with soapy water and laundry solution, but do not rub it hard.It is best to wash it with cold water and not clean it on the machine. Do not expose it to the sun when drying it. You should put it in the shade indoors and let it dry naturally.


Type black color sexy lingerie set is a very sexy underwear, which is made of high -quality materials.It has excellent breathability and fit the figure, highlighting the beautiful figure of women, especially suitable for matching necklace red lips, stylish high heels, making you more sexy and charming.


Type black color erotic lingerie set is a super sexy underwear, which brings confidence and pride to women.It is the heart of many women and a very beautiful choice.

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