The secretary is always wearing a sexy container


As a secretary, it not only needs solid professional knowledge and efficient work ability, but also requires appropriate dressing, especially the details of underwear cannot be ignored.For me, a sexy underwear expert, choosing sex underwear for the secretary is even more Case.However, I have encountered an embarrassing scene of improperly wearing secretaries, and I hereby wrote this article, hoping to provide some references for the majority of secretaries.

Appropriate style

First of all, choosing a suitable sexy underwear is particularly critical.It is recommended to choose a style suitable for your body, whether it is the triangle cup or the whole cup, you must choose according to your own chest shape.In addition, color is also very important.If you want to be sexy, you can choose dark tones such as red and black. If you want to be fresh and natural, you can choose pink and lace lace.


In addition to styles, the comfort of sexy underwear is also crucial.Especially for a secretary, it is difficult to ensure that they are sitting in the right time, so you need to choose a more comfortable sexy underwear.It is recommended to try it out first, and it feels comfortable.


The atmosphere of sexy underwear also needs to pay attention to.If you are worn in work, it is recommended to be low -key. Do not choose too conspicuous styles, let alone exposure, so as not to affect the work image.If it is a private dating occasion, you can selectively selective and sexy styles according to personal needs.


In addition to the atmosphere matching, the choice of occasions also needs to be mastered.If it is an important occasion such as interviews, it is recommended to choose traditional underwear to highlight the personal professional and stable image.If you are in a happy private party, you can selectively select sexy underwear, which reflects the charm.

body condition

When choosing a sexy underwear, you also need to pay attention to your physical condition.If your health is good, you can try to choose a tight sexy underwear, which can effectively highlight the body curve and enhance the sexy effect.But if you are unwell, you should choose a highly comfortable underwear.

Pay attention to the order of dressing

Pay attention to the order of sexy underwear.It is recommended to wear underwear first, then bra, and finally wear coats, so as to avoid some embarrassing scenes.


The cleaning and maintenance of sexy underwear are also critical.You can choose a natural and soft detergent, mainly to wash your hands, slowly rubbing the mildness, and you can also use the washing bag to be washing the washing machine for machine washing.Hanging drying is also a better choice, and avoid being sunny for too long in the strong sun.

Efficacy choice

In addition to the above points, sexy underwear can also have various effects choices.For example, beautiful breasts lifting hips, rejection of fat, tight abdomen, etc. These effects can be achieved by buying different erotic underwear. You need to choose the right and appropriate ones according to your own needs.

Pay attention to details

When wearing sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to details.Especially the edge and shoulder straps of the underwear, not too tightly, will compress the skin, nor can it be loose, otherwise it will affect the aesthetic and comfort.In the workplace, the edge of the underwear should also be avoided.


Suitable erotic underwear can not only improve the figure and self -confidence, but also an essential part of the secretary’s work.Only by careful selection and wearing can we make us more brilliant in work and life.

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