Three points of sexy underwear women open files

Three points of sexy underwear women open files

1. What is a female open underwear?

Women’s opening underwear is one of the first choices for many female friends and men when buying sex lingerie.Women’s opening underwear is different from ordinary underwear, because they have a special opening at the crotch, or there is no crotch to facilitate sex and many other sexual behaviors.There are many different styles and designs in popular women’s opening underwear, including briefs, T-back, G-String, and C-String.

2. The choice factors of women’s choice of women

The key to choosing a female underwear is comfort and confidence.Women have different figures, preferences and needs, so they need to choose the right underwear.When choosing a female underwear, pay attention to the following points: material, size, comfort, design and price, etc.To ensure comfort and confidence, you should try to find a style that suits your body and like.

3. The function of opening underwear

Many women are afraid of wearing open underwear because they feel safe, but in fact, they are completely safe.The function of women’s opening underwear is convenient for sexual behavior to find pleasure.In addition, opening underwear can also increase the atmosphere and create some interesting and fun time, making life better.

4. Common female opening underwear styles

Women’s opening underwear styles are very diverse to meet different needs.Broa-panties are one of the most common open-stall underwear styles. They are characterized by small and exquisite, facilitate sex and many other sexual behaviors; T-BACK is another common opening underwear style. It has many different designs and colors to be available.For options; G-String and C-String are more popular styles. The shapes are bolder and are suitable for people who try new things.

5. The importance of material

Choosing high -quality materials is the key to choosing women’s open underwear.Some women are more inclined to silk or sexy lace. These materials will be softer and comfortable, and they will also be more luxurious and elegant.When choosing a fabric, please pay attention to the breathability to ensure that the underwear is kept dry and healthy.

6. Underwear size is important

The correct size is important. Whether it is choosing ordinary underwear or female opening underwear.The wrong size may affect comfort and appearance.Therefore, try not to choose tight or loose underwear.When buying a female underwear, make sure you know your size and consult the salesperson for suggestions.

7. The influence of European and American sexy underwear

European and American sex lingerie has caused a huge sensation worldwide.Contemporary European and American sexy underwear design is a beautiful line, simple and generous, and high -level material. Generally, the styles are very sexy, bold and creative.This style has been accepted and recognized by women around the world.

8. How to match the female opening underwear

Wearing women’s open underwear may need to consider matching problems to ensure the reflection of personal style and the professionalism of wearing.Women’s opening underwear can be paired with many different clothes, such as sexy dresses, perspective tops, or only one piece of underwear for stunning performances.But avoid wearing inappropriate underwear to participate in formal occasions.


Women’s opening underwear, whether you are single or in love, are a good way to maintain interest.Choosing a female opening underwear that suits you can increase the fun of sex, embrace confidence and sexy.However, we should not let women’s open underwear be the whole of our lives or ignore security issues.Choosing a high -quality female to open underwear and maintaining a proper mentality is a good way to maintain a fun life.

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