Tongchuan Fun Underwear Factory Address

Tongchuan Fun Underwear Factory Address

Introduction to Tongchuan Fun Underwear Factory

Tongchuan’s sexy underwear factory is a professional manufacturer of sexy underwear. It has superb production technology and rich experience. It mainly produces various types of sexy underwear, including beautiful sexy underwear, sexy sexy lingerie, adult erotic underwear, European and American sexy underwear, etc.At the same time, Tongchuan’s sex underwear factory also has a high -quality design team that can continue to be new and new according to market demand to meet the needs of customers.

The address of Tongchuan sex underwear factory

Tongchuan Funwear Factory is located at Yinhan Road, Wangyi District, Tongchuan City, Shaanxi Province. It only takes ten minutes to drive from the city center.Yinhan Road is located in a bustling area in the urban area, with convenient transportation, so that customers can come to visit, inspect and buy sexy underwear.

Contact information of Tongchuan sex underwear factory

If you are interested in buying sexy underwear or understanding the relevant information of love underwear, you can go directly to the headquarters of the Tongchuan sex underwear factory in Yinhan Road. You can also contact us through telephone, email, etc. Our customer service staff will answer your questions in time.

Production equipment of Tongchuan sex underwear factory

Tongchuan Funwear Factory has a set of advanced production equipment and technologies, including bed cutting, sewing machines, ironing equipment, etc., which can be produced quickly and efficiently to ensure the quality and delivery period of the product.

Tongchuan sex underwear factory material selection

Tongchuan’s sex underwear factory is very strict in selecting materials. Only high -quality fabrics and accessories are selected to ensure the safety and comfort of the product.At the same time, we will also continue to update the choice of materials according to the needs of customers and the changes in the market, so that the product is closer to the needs of customers.

Quality Control of Tongchuan Fun Underwear Factory

Tongchuan’s sex underwear factory pays great attention to quality control during the production process. Each product is strictly tested and tested to ensure that the product meets relevant national standards and meets the requirements of customers.

After -sales service of Tongchuan sex underwear factory

Tongchuan’s sexy underwear factories provide comprehensive after -sales service to deal with the problems and opinions raised by customers in a timely manner.If the product has a quality problem, we will also perform maintenance and replacement in time to ensure that the interests of customers are guaranteed.

Market sales of Tongchuan sex underwear factory

The sales of Tongchuan Fairy Underwear Factory are all over the country and exported to countries and regions such as Europe and the United States.We have carried out marketing through various channels, including offline display, advertising, and sales of e -commerce platforms, so that more people can understand and purchase products of Tongchuan sex underwear factory.

The future development of Tongchuan sex underwear factory

Tongchuan’s sexy underwear factory will continue to be committed to the manufacturing and research and development of sexy underwear, continuously improve the quality and variety of products, and meet the needs of different customers.At the same time, we will also expand market sales channels, increase publicity and promotion, and strive to become a leading enterprise in the domestic sexy underwear industry.


Tongchuan’s Info Factory has won the trust and support of customers with its professional manufacturing technology and intimate services.We look forward to more customers come to visit and buy, and welcomes friends from all walks of life to come to cooperate and exchange.

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