Turning away the suit is sexy underwear

What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is different from daily underwear, and it pays more attention to sexy, explicit, and irritating in design.It has a variety of styles and special materials.Most of the sexy underwear is used to enhance the sexual life between husband and wife, making sex more interesting and exciting.

Design of suit sex underwear

Suit and sexy underwear is a sexy lingerie style that has appeared in recent years. Its design is inspired by men’s suit suits, but cutting is tighter and more slim.Usually use thicker fabrics to show more three -dimensional lines.Many suit and sexy underwear will use tie, cufflinks, etc. to produce details.

Scenes of suit erotic underwear

Suites are suitable for some couples who love characters, such as the Sexual Party, people who love cosplay.It is suitable for large parties, dances and other occasions, but it is not suitable for wearing in family life, because the materials and cutting are bulky, and it is not suitable for daily wear.

The material of the suit sex lingerie

Usually, the material selected by suit sexy underwear is relatively heavy.One is because this highlights the lines of clothing, and the other is to be more real in role -playing.Common materials include silk, polyester fiber, etc.In addition, in order to give the underwear a certain luster, metal fibers or coatings are generally added.

Suit and sexy underwear style

The styles of suit sexy underwear are diverse, but they are designed based on suit suits.You can choose different styles such as collars, short -sleeved long sleeves, etc., or you can customize it according to your own taste.

The color of the suit sex lingerie

The colors of suit sex lingerie are generally based on black and gray.Because black has a certain contraction effect, it can make the figure look more slender; gray can show a certain low -key and highlight its luxury.Of course, there are also some suit and sexy underwear using red, white and other colors.

Washing of suits sexy underwear

Boys’ sexy underwear is a high -end sexy underwear. Customized garments are generally difficult to machine washing, so hand washing is needed.When cleaning, pay special attention not to destroy its appearance, and the detergent is best without bubbles. It is commonly used for neutral detergent.

The price of suit sex lingerie

In terms of price, suit and sexy underwear is usually more expensive than traditional underwear because it is usually customized.Personalized suit sexy underwear may be more expensive.Of course, there are also some irregular suit sexy underwear, but they are relatively expensive.

Suitable for suit lingerie suitable crowd

Suites are suitable for personalized husbands and wives, which are not suitable for ordinary couples or beginners.Because wearing a suit and sexy underwear requires strong confidence and expression ability, so that it can achieve the effect in role -playing.In addition, customized suit sex underwear requires time and financial investment, and also requires a certain degree of personalized needs.

Summary of suit erotic underwear

Suites sexy underwear is a high -grade sexy underwear, suitable for wearing in some parties and cosplay.Its design comes from men’s suit suits and is loved by people who love characters.It is more expensive and requires hand washing, suitable for couples with ability and confidence.In short, suit and sexy underwear can add fun and stimulus between husband and wife, but you need to choose carefully.

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