Too breast girl wears fun underwear videos


In modern times, sexy underwear is no longer a kind of clothes hidden in the deep boudoir, but has become a representative of sexy and fashionable.Whether it is expressing emotions in family private occasions, and sexy dressing in nightclubs, parties and other occasions, you can see women wearing sexy underwear.For those women with too plump chests, wearing sexy underwear will encounter various problems. Today, let’s take a look at how the too breast girl should choose and wear sexy underwear.

The troubles of the too chest girl

For those women with too plump chests, wearing erotic underwear will encounter various problems, and may encounter problems such as non -matching size and not perfect display chest shape.

Choose a suitable size

Choosing a suitable size is the key to wearing sexy underwear.If the size is too small, the chest will spill the chest, and it will also cause uncomfortable feelings.Therefore, selecting the size should be determined according to your actual situation to ensure that the underwear is comfortable and natural when wearing.The easiest way to measure your body size is to use the ruler.

Choose the right fabric

Like size, the choice of fabrics is also the key.Sister -in -laws should choose those fabrics with good elasticity.Some erotic lingerie fabrics are smooth, while others have elements such as lace. These fabrics are very comfortable and have good breathability.At the same time, the fabric should also have hygroscopicity, especially when used in summer, the sweat absorption function of the fabric is even more necessary.

Bright spot design

For women who are too plump on the chest, the highlight design of the underwear is to help you better control your chest and highlight the more charming curve beauty.For girls with big breasts, it is best to choose those underwear with supportive designs, such as a U -shaped or V design with individual personality, or a style with abdominal bands.At the same time, sexy underwear with waist design can highlight the female body and make you more sexy.

Color choice

The choice of color is also a very important part of your whole person’s temperament.Because color selection will affect your sexy and personality.Therefore, if you want to show your personality, you can choose some more bright colors to match, such as red, yellow, purple and other colors.If you feel that your skin color is relatively white, then you can choose some darker colors to match.

Putting points

How do I wear my favorite erotic underwear?For the girl’s girl, it is also important to wear the main points.First of all, you should ensure that the underwear is completely covered and supports the chest. At the same time, do not choose a tight -fitting style, otherwise it will cause poor blood circulation.

Choice with top

Interest underwear is not worn alone, but also needs to be matched with the top.The next thing to talk about is how the girls choose the top.First of all, the top style must be matched with the sexy underwear style. Second, the color of the top should be coordinated with the color of the underwear. Finally, the size of the top must also match the size of the underwear.


The maintenance of underwear is also very important.For the girl of the chest, the maintenance of the underwear needs to be paid more attention to, because underwear in the large chest cavity should be cleaned to avoid affecting the life of the underwear or some skin problems.It is recommended that the girls of the turtles buy underwear -free underwear, so that the maintenance of the underwear will be more convenient.

How to choose a sexy jacket

How do I choose the most suitable sexy underwear?Good quality assurance, choice that meets the needs of your own size, the correct match that meets the needs of the occasion, the most important thing is a comfortable experience.So, how to find such underwear?Go to a professional sex shop, or carefully read the comments on the e -commerce platform, and carefully check the introduction of the product, fabric information, and size lists before buying, so as to choose more accurate sexy underwear that suits you.


Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you is an important part of every woman’s body comfort and psychological pleasure. Too -chest girls should also match their own unique style as much as possible.At the same time, when wearing and buying underwear, choose and pay attention to details according to your actual situation.Only the sexy underwear that is comfortable, fashionable, friendly, and enhanced confidence is really in line with the needs of the girl.

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