Wear sex underwear young women’s novel collection

Wear sex underwear young women’s novel collection

Sexy underwear is becoming more and more common in modern life.Not only because of its sexy and beauty, but also because it can bring us a better sexual life experience.In this article, I want to share some small stories of sexy underwear, I hope to inspire you.

1. The first attempt

Once I went to a party, when I saw those beautiful girls wearing sexy underwear, I began to feel curious.So I tried it too, and the result was really great.I feel more confident and sexy than before.

2. Number game

I played an interesting game with my boyfriend.I know he likes my sexy underwear very much, so I numbered all my underwear.Every day, he can choose a number, and then I put on that number of sexy underwear.In this way, our sexual life is more interesting, and I also know his preferences better.

3. Traveling

Once I went to travel with my boyfriend, I realized that I didn’t have enough erotic underwear.So we bought a few in a local store.We wear sexy underwear during the journey to make each night unusual.

4. Full temptation

I always thought that my figure was not good enough, and I didn’t dare to wear sexy underwear.However, I found that some sexy underwear can show my plump figure even more beautiful.I became more confident and made me feel good.

5. Collective wedding

I have seen the bride wearing sexy underwear at many people’s weddings.Those women look very beautiful and sexy.This inspires me to wear sexy underwear at my wedding, making me feel more confident and beautiful.

6. Forest Tour

I went to the forest to camping. When the sun went down the mountain, my boyfriend and I wore transparent sexy underwear in the forest.This is our private moment, and this feeling makes us closer and happy.

7. Workplace pressure

When facing the pressure of work, I wear sexy sexy underwear to relax my mood and work simpler.I feel very confident and can even make better work results.

8. Wild Party

I wore a bold sexy underwear at a friend’s wild party.Everyone was shocked, but I felt proud.This is an experience of liberating self, making me feel more comfortable and free.

These small stories show that sexy underwear can bring you more unusual experience.Whether in bed or life, sexy underwear can make you feel confident and sexy.So my suggestion is to try to wear some different erotic underwear, you will find that this will bring a brand new style to your life.

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