Wearing sexy underwear twist hip dance

Wearing sexy underwear twist hip dance

As a kind of clothing that can enhance women’s sexy charm, sexy underwear is not just a sexual tool. More and more women choose to wear sexy underwear to show their beauty and charm, and to uphold self -confidence, the most unique and the most unique and self -confidence.The charming way is to twist the buttocks in erotic underwear.Here we will introduce the skills and precautions wearing sexy underwear to twist the buttocks.

1. Choose a comfortable and sexy underwear

Comfort is first.Choose comfortable and easy -to -move materials, such as cotton or stretching materials.Not only must the underwear fit the body perfectly, but also ensure that even sweat flowing lingerie will not affect the entire performance process.

2. Choose a dark sexy underwear

The dark color is more sexy than light -colored. Choosing black, red and even purple underwear to perform with performances, which can increase its mystery and breath.

3. Choose dance shoes

Dance shoes can not only bump and dance better, but also better protect the safety of the feet.

4. Matching music and sexy underwear

Choose the right music in line with the type of sexy underwear.For example, sexy, dark or rebellious underwear can be matched with rock and electronic music, while gentle and elegant underwear needs to be paired with classical music or soft popular songs.

5. Use layered design

The strong design of underwear can make the dance posture more agile and beautiful, with a classic bikini underwear, extended imitative leather underwear, and even back -back, which can make the effect of twisting dance better performance.

6. Don’t make your twisting dance a laughing stock of outsiders

In the early stage, you can practice hard at home, and please give a evaluation before the performance.Pay attention to the posture when performing, try to stretch your body as much as possible, but twist your hips.

7. Be confident when performing

During the performance, you must have a confident light, do not shy, dance freely, and do not stick to the eyes of any spectator.

8. Make good use of various props

Snake pattern underwear can be paired with small snakes. The disabled underwear can be paired with crutches, and patent leather underwear can be matched with bottle. These props can make the performance effect more unique.

9. Reasonable arrangement time

Twist -hip dance is a high -intensity sports project that needs to be carried out without sufficient physical fitness.Don’t be too fatigue, exhausting your energy is meaningless to yourself.

10. Do not take off the erotic underwear immediately after performing

After the performance is over, it is best to keep it in a densely crowded place for a few minutes, so that people can remember and give you applause.However, sexy underwear retained in the bathroom is a controversial decision.

in conclusion

By choosing suitable sexy underwear, choosing suitable music, using depth comparison design and proper use of props, your twisting dance performance will be more unique and attract people’s attention.While showing your beauty and charm, your self -confidence will also grow, which will encourage you to continue challenging more things in the future and move towards a more mature yourself.

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