Wearing a sexy underwear boyfriend said good -looking

Wearing a sexy underwear boyfriend said good -looking

Interest underwear can inject more interests and fun for your sexual life, and when you wear them, you feel more sexy and confident.If you want to get your boyfriend into crazy obsession and admiration, wearing a set of sexy sexy underwear should be a successful beginning.But there are many different types of sexy underwear, you are likely to feel a little bit confusing.This article will provide you with some strategies to show your boyfriend a sexy and charming side.

Choose the right size

If you wear sexy underwear that is not suitable for you, no matter how beautiful they are, they will not make you feel more beautiful and confident.The size standards and measurement methods of sexy underwear brands at home and abroad will be different. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully check their size and measure when buying to avoid buying inappropriate sexy underwear.

Highlight your advantages

The design of sexy underwear often uses lace decorations, lace structures, and other arrangements and arrangements to pay attention to certain body parts, such as chest, hip and waist.So when choosing a sexy underwear, you should choose those styles that highlight your specific advantages and bumps, and enlarge your advantages.

Appropriate occasion

You need to choose sexy underwear suitable for specific occasions.For example, you should choose more moderate sexy underwear in public places or family gatherings, and you must be elegant and not exposed too much; and in a romantic bed, you can choose more sexy and bold styles.


Black and red are more commonly used in sexy underwear. Because their image matching is very memorable and interesting, it is easy to attract men’s attention.If you want to put on sexy underwear more pure, you can choose light and pink. If you want to make yourself look hotter, you can choose bright or dark tones.

Choose a suitable type

There are many types of erotic underwear, covering many different styles and directions, respectively.For example, you can select sexy bra and underwear, stimulating suits, or unique camisole and liquid underwear.When choosing, you should choose the type that is suitable for your body curve and style.

Try various textures

There are not only different types of sexy underwear, but also a variety of textures and material materials.For example, you can choose fluff, silk, soft lace and mesh.Of course, the selection of materials should be suitable for personal lung respiratory tract and skin sensitive banks.

Give play to your imagination

Although the sexy underwear itself is already very irritating, you can go further and add some unique accessories and themes to attract your boyfriend’s attention.For example, you can pay special attention to your makeup and accessories, or wear special wigs or shoes.


Wearing a sexy underwear can really make people feel confident and sexy, but especially some people who try them for the first time, they can also make people feel a little nervous and uncomfortable.Therefore, it is recommended to relax your body and mind and enjoy this moment in the process of dressing.

in conclusion

Generally speaking, wearing a sexy underwear is a creative and fun experience, which can help you show a more sexy side.When buying, you need to consider your comfort and preferences carefully, choose a way to highlight your advantages and advantages, and use it with confidence to enjoy the wonderful experience you bring.

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