Wearing a wedding style sexy underwear

Wearing a wedding style sexy underwear

On the big day of the wedding, every bride wants to show his most charming side.Therefore, while buying a wedding dress, it is necessary to match a set of sexy sexy underwear.So how to choose?Next, let’s analyze how to choose the sexy underwear wearing a wedding style.

1. With the vest wedding dress, choose the shoulder -free strap underwear

The vest wedding dress particularly emphasizes the lines of the shoulder. The shoulder band is too wide or the shoulder -shaped underwear is easy to destroy the visual effect.Therefore, it is recommended that the bride is recommended to choose the shoulder -free underwear to enhance the visual effect.Choose a close -up strap underwear, which can effectively hold the tall chest and the temperament of the whole person, so that the upper body of the wedding dress is beautiful and charming.

2. With shoulder -cut wedding dresses, choose V -type underwear

The characteristic of shoulder -cut wedding dress is to expose the collarbone and shoulders. At this time, choosing a V -shaped underwear is an ideal match.V -shaped underwear can beautify the chest lines, make the chest shape more three -dimensional, blend into the lines of the shoulder -cut wedding dress, and make the entire upper body more beautiful.

3. With heart -shaped collar wedding dress, choose tube top underwear

Heart -shaped collar wedding dresses often need to be paired with tube top underwear, because the tube top underwear has better compression ability, and can also tighten underarms fat at the same time, forming the body curve, increasing beauty, fun and sexy.

4. With deep V -neck design wedding dress, select U -shaped underwear

The wedding dress design of the deep V -neck is very eye -catching.However, because the skirt is very large, the chest is easy to expose. The bride must choose to bring a U -shaped underwear, so that it can effectively support the chest and avoid the embarrassment of glowing.

5. With a camisole wedding dress, choose full cup underwear

The suspender wedding dress is very suitable for brides with narrow shoulders.In order to ensure that the chest does not go away, the camislative underwear is selected with a full cup underwear. It can contain all the chest in and avoid shaking.

6. With a long narrow wedding dress, choose no pattern underwear

The long and narrow wedding dress requires no traces of underwear.Because if there is any trace of underwear, it will destroy the beauty outside the wedding dress.At this time, you can choose a patternless underwear to achieve the perfect combination.

7. Paired with open -back wedding dresses, choose open -back underwear or bandage underwear

The characteristic of the back -back wedding dress is that the back is very exposed. If you need to support the chest, you need to choose the removable open -back underwear. If the back lines are beautiful enough, you can choose a bandage underwear to ensure the perfect figure.

8. With a trailer wedding dress, choose lace lace underwear

The design of the tail -tailed wedding dress is very gorgeous.The excellent choice is lace lace underwear, which can be more beautiful.

In short, when choosing sexy underwear, you should pay attention to matching the charm of the wedding dress to avoid errors during the wedding.At the same time, the bride should choose to match the ideal erotic underwear according to their chest and body shape.

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