Wearing sex lingerie well

Wearing sex lingerie well

Interest underwear is a special clothing that will bring sexy and mysterious feelings.Putting on sex underwear can effectively enhance self -confidence and make you more relaxed in sex.But if you don’t know how to choose and wear sexy underwear, then you may waste money and lose the fun of sex.In this article, we will explore how to wear and choose sexy underwear so that you can better enjoy sex life.

1. Determine your own figure

Everyone’s body is unique, and different types of figures need different styles of sexy underwear.For women, according to their own figure, choosing the right style can highlight their advantages and highlight their sexy.

2. Skills 1: Choose a style that suits you

If you want to create a charming figure, your chest should be squeezed together as much as possible and choose a centralized underwear.And if you want a more natural effect, you can choose a suitable cup and outfit type.

3. Tips 2: Choose a fabric that suits you

The fabric of sexy underwear has a vital effect on the feeling and comfort of wearing.People with high tactile requirements can choose sexy lace or silk fabrics; and if you pay attention to the permeability and comfort of underwear in exercise, then cotton fabrics are the first choice.

4. Understand the functions of different styles

In addition to sexy underwear, some sexy lingerie also has special functions.For example, in the process of sexual intercourse, equipment such as handcuffs, unicorns, and other equipment can bring a more exciting experience.Understanding and choosing the right sexy underwear can add more fun to your sex life.

5. Buy the size of your own underwear size

Buying a suitable size of sexy underwear can make you more comfortable and comfortable.Excessive or small underwear will not only affect the wear experience, but also affect the shaping effect.

6. Tips 3: Use color to adjust the mood

The atmosphere of color plays a very important role in sex.For example, black makes people feel sexy, mysterious, and pink gives a gentle and romantic feeling.Choosing the color of sexy underwear can also bring you more levels of enjoyment.

7. Tips 4: Thin -thoughtful detail design

People with high details of details will like some mini swimming trunks, skewers LL panties, or soft silk ribbons. These small details are more comfortable and comfortable.

8. Tips 5: Match appropriate accessories

Different accessories can bring different sexy effects.For example, black net socks can greatly enhance the body curve, while the personal lace gloves can show a soft temperament.Choose the right accessories to make your sexy underwear more perfect.

Overall, if you want to do it well, it is very important to choose the right sexy underwear.Everyone’s body, needs, and taste are different. Therefore, the main points of choosing sex underwear need to consider their needs and preferences.As long as you choose properly, the sexy underwear can not only make you more confident, but also bring the fun of sex, so that you can deeply experience the most wonderful, popular, meticulous contact and content activities of human beings.

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