Weibo Soywear New Year Launch Conference

The grand occasion of Weibo Wet Lingerie New Year Conference is unprecedentedly unprecedented

On January 5, 2021, the New Year conference of the Weibo Infusion Underwear was held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall.The conference invited the well -known models, media and industry experts in the industry to witness the annual debut of Weibo sex underwear.At the meeting, the design director and CEO of Weibo Intellectual underwear delivered a speech respectively, introducing the brand’s latest developments and future development plans.

The ultimate sexy product of the new series of products

At this press conference, Weibo’s fun underwear brought new series of products, including various styles of sexy underwear, such as French lace, sexy swimsuit, and stewardess.The design style refers to the deep inside of consumers, the ultimate sexy, which is dazzling.

Fashion trends, diverse choices

Weibo Instead underwear has not only launched sexy styles, but also has many fashion elements, such as printing, beads decoration, sequins, etc.In addition, there is sports -type sexy underwear, which is specially created for women’s fitness. Soft, breathable and anti -shake fabrics allow women to maintain fashion and sexy when they move.

Moly improvement, must be necessary for home leisure

The indoor leisure style is also one of the highlights at this conference.The first home leisure and sexy underwear launched by Weibo sex underwear, focusing on comfort on the basis of fashion, allowing women to relax and relax at home.

Multi -brand cooperation to expand influence

The press conference of Weibo Soywear also announced cooperation with many well -known brands, such as Swarovski, Calvin Klein, etc., with the influence of these brands, expand the brand’s popularity, and provide consumers with more choices, match different groups of people,Demand for different occasions.

Pay attention to user experience and enhance the brand image

In order to enhance the user experience, the first time of the microblog underwear used the intelligent fashion show technology, using AR technology to allow consumers to experience the style and effect of sexy underwear at zero -distance experience at the press conference, which detonated the atmosphere of the scene.

Green environmental protection, social responsibility

Weibo Intellectual underwear focuses on green environmental protection. It not only chooses environmental fabrics in product design, but also actively advocates consumers to save energy, pay attention to sustainable development, and assume corporate social responsibility.

Social new media marketing, innovative marketing method

Boarding underwear preheated before the press conference through social media, Weibo live broadcast, etc., attracting consumers’ attention.At the same time, at the press conference, with the help of live broadcast and cargo, innovative marketing methods were enthusiastically sought after by consumers.

The brand positioning is clear and expanded carefully

At this press conference, Weibo Wet Underwear clarified the brand positioning. It will use the ultimate sexy to create boutique underwear. At the same time, it will be cautious to consider brand expansion, pay attention to quality and user experience, and provide consumers with better products and services.

Looking forward to the future, move forward

After many years of precipitation and development, Weibo’s interesting underwear has established a good reputation and brand image in the industry.In the future, Weibo Interest Underwear will continue to maintain innovation, pay attention to user experience, and continuously improve quality, service and marketing, and become a favorite brand of more consumers.

in conclusion

The New Year conference of the Weibo Intersection Underwear is not only a visual feast, but also a comprehensive upgrade of the brand.Weibo Wet Underwear has brought more choices to consumers in the aspects of extreme sexy, diversification, and comfort. At the same time, it adheres to innovation in environmental protection, social responsibility and marketing, showing the brand’s strength and charm.

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