Wearing sexy underwear -related movies

Wearing sexy underwear -related movies

1. "Nine Half Week" (9 1/2 Weeks)

This 1986 movie is a classic of wearing sexy underwear movies.The movie revolves around a gallery assistant called Elizabeth and a Wall Street trader named John. Elizabeth’s sexy underwear played an important role in the movie.This film has been criticized by some critics as excessive sexy and eroticism, but it does pave the way for sexy underwear movies.

2. "Lust, Lust, Caution)

This 2007 film tells that a Chinese female college student Mary joined a anti -Japanese volunteer army and began a strange relationship with a Shanghai political leader Liang Chaowei.Mary often wore leopard and red sexy underwear in the movie to attract Liang Chaowei’s attention.

3. "Just One of the Guys)

This 1985 movie is a youth comedy.The film protagonist Terry is a female journalist. She is not satisfied with her report and cannot be recognized, so she replaced men’s clothing secretly in a high school and tried to explain that she could be competent.There is a scene in the movie in the scene where Tyri wears a sexy underwear and the actor’s intimate scene. This is the rare appearance of sexy underwear in youth comedy films.

4. "My Own Private Idaho)

This 1991 film helped sexy underwear into the independent film industry.The film tells the experience of two comrades crossing the United States.There is a scene in the movie. One of the actors dancing in women’s sexy underwear, this scene was impressed by the audience.

5. The Lingerie Murders

This 2000 movie is a criminal thriller.A serial killer in the movie aims at a sexy underwear shop called "Lust Launteer". Witnesses find that the victims are wearing sexy underwear in the shop.The glory of the fun underwear in the entire movie has appeared many times, but the theme and plot of the movie make the sexy underwear a little mysterious and terrible.

6. "Raiders of the Lost ARK)

This is a favorite classic movie.Although there is no description of any sex underwear in the movie, in order to make the pretending malicious conflict between the heroine Marian and the actor Indiana Jones, the director once let the heroine wearing a sexy underwear to participate in a boxing competition.

7. "Crazy, Stupid, Love.)

In this 2011 movie, Ryan Goslin’s role tells another role in the beginning of the movie that sexy underwear is a "self -deception ghost".However, in the second half of the movie, Ryan’s role is wearing a sexy underwear, which also shows that sexy underwear has different meanings for different people.

8. "The Girl" (The Girl)

This is a TV movie about the production process of the Birds of Alfred Hikkoke.Starring Simon Baker in the film wearing a typical discussion on the shooting of sexy underwear in the 1950s and Higong District.This also shows the role and significance of sexy underwear in film production.

9. "Life of Pi"

This 2012 movie has no concepts or scenes related to sexy underwear.However, the film’s special effects personnel do rely on some sexy underwear when creating a digital tiger.They even added some sexy underwear to the fur texture of the tiger.

10. "Body of Evidence"

This 1993 film is a criminal thriller. It tells that a taboo sexual behavior on a woman has become a controversial case.In the film, the heroine Madonna often appears in sexy underwear, making sexy underwear one of the plot fulcrum of the movie.

in conclusion:

The plots and characters in these movies show us the different roles of sexy underwear in the movie, sometimes for the plot needs, and sometimes to show the character’s personality or preference.Regardless of the cause, sex underwear plays a key role in the movie, such as in the aspects of shaping characters, promoting plots, and creating visual effects.

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