What are the medieval sex underwear brands


Interest underwear can be described as a relatively special underwear. They are usually more sexy and exposed, suitable for fun play or increase the fun of daily life.In the Middle Ages, the concept of sexy underwear did not popularize. Until modern times, sexy underwear gradually became an independent underwear.Today, let me introduce the brand of medieval sexy underwear.

Production Method

Middle -century erotic underwear is usually produced by hand.This hand -made method has a high technical content and requires experienced tailors to complete.Therefore, the number of sexy underwear in the Middle Ages is very small.

Miranda AliZee brand

Miranda AliZee is one of the most famous sexy underwear brands in the Middle Ages.The brand is famous for its high -level knitted art and craftsmanship.These underwear forging is done by the world’s most technical tailor, because this production process requires a lot of time and manpower, resulting in medieval erotic underwear to become high consumer products.

Mochino brand

Mochino is also a well -known brand in medieval erotic lingerie brands. It is famous for its unique design and high -quality materials, making many people dump.In the Middle Ages, the erotic underwear of the Moschino brand was still very popular.

Musse brand Musse brand

Musse Musse is a rare in the medieval brand of more well -known erotic underwear manufacturers.Their sexy underwear is excellent and beautiful, and is sought after by many medieval nobles and wealthy businessmen.

Selected materials

In medieval sexy underwear, manufacturers usually use high -quality materials such as silk, mochi, satin, and gauze.These materials can bring good results, enhance the sexy degree of sexy underwear, and increase the feeling of exposed skin.

Black temperament

In the Middle Ages, men and women are very obvious, while women are usually wearing extremely conservative in public. Only in private places can we wear sexy sexy underwear.Can set off women’s sexy temperament.

Underwear style

The medieval sexy lingerie styles mainly include bra, underwear, suspenders, and personal clothes. Although these styles are very different from modern sex underwear, they can also meet people’s needs at the time.

Charm design

The design style of medieval sex underwear is mainly exquisite and sexy. Generally, elements and other elements such as tassels, sequins, and decorative lace can be selected. These can fully show sexy feelings and make sexy underwear more fashionable and exquisite.


In the Middle Ages, sexy underwear, as a more special underwear. Although there are not many types, the production technology and materials are very sophisticated.Today, with the advancement of technology, the design and materials of sexy underwear are constantly being updated, and we can find more inspiration from the medieval sexy underwear and apply it to modern design.

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