What to do at home at home at home

Step 1: Understand your size

Before you do sex underwear at home, you must first understand your size.The matching of the size is very important, so you need to measure your bust, waist and hips.For your own underwear, you must ensure the accuracy of the size to wear comfortably.

Step 2: Choose the right material

It is important to choose the right material, because sexy underwear needs to be soft, smooth and comfortable, and also requires a certain degree of telescope.Common materials include silk, lace, cotton and polyester fiber.

Step 3: Prepare the tool

It takes some basic tools to make sexy underwear, such as cutting scissors, needle wires, buttons, zippers and elasticity.Make sure you prepare these tools to make your project easier.

Step 4: Choose the right underwear style

You need to choose underwear styles that are suitable for your figure and style.You can find various underwear -style images on the Internet, including bras, underwear, strap and conjoined underwear.

Step 5: Tailing underwear components

Use tailor -scissors to cut out various parts of the underwear, such as cups, straps, front and rear of underwear, and chest.

Step 6: sewing underwear

Start sewing underwear.Make sure to suture appropriately, keep as flat as possible, do not let the underwear have any uneven and prominent places, and do not let the stitching be too obvious.

Step 7: Add appropriate decoration

You can consider decorating underwear, such as adding lace lace, beads or silk.But be careful not to let the decorations too fancy, which will affect the comfort of the underwear.

Step 8: Adjust underwear

After completing the underwear, wear it and adjust it appropriately.Make sure the size of the underwear is suitable and feel comfortable.You can move the buckle of underwear straps, straps, cups and bra to adjust.

Step 9: Try to adjust again

You can make several attempts and adjustments to ensure that the underwear always maintains a good degree and comfort.

Step 10: Enjoy homemade sexy underwear

Now, you have successfully made a sexy underwear, which can surprise intimate partners.Enjoy such a charming moment with your lover.

Viewpoint: Making fun underwear can not only save costs, but also customize a suitable underwear based on your own size and taste.

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