Where does Taobao sex underwear photos come from

1 Introduction

Buying sexy underwear on Taobao has become the norm of many people, but where many people will be confused about the love lingerie?Is there a copyright issue?Today we will explore the source of the photos of Taobao’s sexy underwear.

2. Self -taking

Some Taobao merchants will let the models take photos of sexy underwear by themselves and authorize merchants to use these photos.This method is more common, because merchants do not need to spend external shooting costs, and the effect of model selfies can also meet the needs of the store.

3. Merchant customized photos

Some sex underwear shops will ask models to take photos to professional studios and pay the shooting fee.These customized photos are more professional and exquisite, but the cost is relatively high.

4. The model agrees to use other photos

When signing an agreement between the merchant and the model, there are often models that allow models to use other photos.Merchants can use these photos as product display diagrams.

5. Photos taken by photographer

Some sex underwear photographers will take many photos of sexy underwear and sell them to merchants.These photos may be processed to meet the needs of different stores.

6. Use model inventory photos

There are some model platforms to provide photos of sexy underwear photos, and merchants can buy these photos directly.The effects of these photos are also good, meeting the needs of almost all stores.

7. Existing copyright issues

Although most of the sources of photos can be checked, some merchants also use unauthorized sexy underwear photos.These behaviors are suspected of infringement and may be held accountable.

8. The meaning of a merchant adds watermarks

In order to ensure that their photos are not stolen, merchants who buy sexy underwear on Taobao often add watermarks to the photos.These watermarks can protect the copyright of photos of merchants, and also facilitate customers to remember the online store of the merchant.

9. Conclusion

From selfie to custom -made photos, from the works of photographers to photos provided by the model platform, Taobao merchants can get sexy underwear photos from various channels.When using these photos, merchants need to pay attention to the copyright issues of the photos to protect their rights and interests reasonably.

10. Why buy sexy underwear

The last thing to say is why more and more people buy sexy underwear?In addition to sexy and sexual interests, people pay more and more attention to self -expression.Buying a sexy underwear that suits you is also a way to express yourself and show self -confidence.

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