Where can I buy sexy underwear brands in the UK

Overview of British sex lingerie brand

Interesting underwear is a unique shape, comfortable and can break conventional clothing, suitable for daily wear or special occasions, and is a kind of election that makes the atmosphere more romantic.In the UK, the sexy underwear brands are full of. Some brands of underwear are also enjoying their reputation in the outside world, including Agent Provocateur, Bluebella, Bordelle, Coco de Mer, Fleur of England, LaSCIVIOUS, LONELY LINGERIE, PLAYFUL PROMI, SES, Studio Pia, and WhatKatie DID and so on.

Online shopping website

Many underwear brands in the UK provide sales services and products online, and bargaining and discounts also have their charm.For example, Figleaves.com is a popular shopping website. They provide a variety of sexy underwear of a variety of brands, and they will be new every day.Available products.

Agent Provocateur

As a member of the British sex lingerie brand, the clothing provided by Agent Provocateur is very sexy. Female customers can buy various styles of jersey, underwear, corsets, underwear and various accessories on this brand.Among them, it should be mentioned that the rabbit girl series of Agent Provocateur is one of the popular underwear styles. It is not only exquisite and unique, but also shows women’s body lines and aesthetics to the extreme.


The design of Bordelle’s family is also very elegant. They are characterized by rich Underwire Bra. This kind of corset can make women’s chest shape more prominent. The internal support structure can improve the beauty of the figure and the beauty of the neckline. BordelleAt the same time, a variety of underwear is provided, and some strange body jewelry.

Lonely lingerie

Although Lonely Lingerie’s underwear is relatively conservative, it is really suitable for daily wear.Its style is mainly based on adhesive data fabrics, with retro -style underwear and extraordinary silk underwear, which is very suitable for petite girls.

Playful Promises

Playful Promises is an interesting and cute sexy lingerie brand. Their underwear style is both sweet and sexy, and it is a special signboard.In addition, they also launching vibrant perfumes to use it with underwear and create a romantic atmosphere for women.

Coco de MER

Coco de MER should be the most luxurious of all brands. The design of sexy underwear produced by this brand focuses on perfect cutting, fabrics and textiles."Christmas tree panties" is the most famous work of Coco de MER. It uses high -end lace and woven belt, including cute little butterfly and little stars.

Fleur of English

Fleur of England’s underwear brand design uses retro elements and classic styles, and can wear different flavors on each girl.This brand’s underwear uses a soft fabric, and the fine decoration is fine and durable, which is very suitable for special occasions.


The Lascivious brand is characterized by unique materials. These materials include complex fabrics and valuable leather, which makes people feel very good.Their design does not pick a figure, and has a different taste on each body and size.

European style What Katie DID

What Katie Did is the representative of British sexy underwear. Their designers are inspired by traditional European underwear. The designed underwear is unique, cute, and sexy.Their underwear design focuses on details, so that every girl is the best self -proclaimed self.

in conclusion

In general, Britain is a country with extremely popular lingerie. Whether you want to be sexy, elegant, cute, or popular underwear, you can find it among many brands.As long as you choose your own brand and store according to your needs, you will definitely find a perfect dressing experience.

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