Where can I sell sexy underwear in Datong

Where can I sell sexy underwear in Datong

As the most popular fashion underwear, sexy underwear is highly sought after by young people, its sexy and unique design styles are highly sought after by young people. Major malls, Outlets, and brand stores have also launched various new sexy underwear.As a consumer in Datong, you can also buy this underwear in many places.This article will introduce Datong where to buy sexy underwear.

1. Department Store

The major department stores in Datong City have underwear counters, and sexy underwear is also one of the important goods of these counters.Such as: Elena Underwear Counter, Mary Daijia Underwear Course, 1+1 Underwear Course, etc. The sexy lingerie styles of these brands are diverse, and the price ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan, which can meet the needs of different consumers.

Second, brand store

In addition to department stores, there are many sexy underwear brand stores in Datong City, such as: Kavana underwear, comfortable home underwear, ‘Rouge’ sexy underwear, Lolita underwear shop, etc.The style is more rich and diverse, and the clerk is more professional and can provide more detailed services.

Third, online shopping

In recent years, Datong’s online shopping has become more and more prosperous, and many sex lingerie brands and e -commerce platforms have also entered the Internet.There are many high -quality sexy underwear brands and businesses on Taobao, JD.com, Pinduoduo and other websites. They are affordable and have a variety of styles.However, there are also risks of online shopping. It is recommended that you carefully verify the credibility and product quality of the merchant before buying.

Fourth, Ultraces

There are many Outlets in Datong City, such as: Heaven and Earth, Outlets, Golden Horse International Outlets, Wanhe City Outlet, etc. In addition to brand clothing, these Outlet Mall also has many sexy underwear brandsEssenceBuying sex underwear can enjoy discounts in Ultraces, and the cost is relatively high.

5. Wholesale market

For merchants operating sexual products stores and sexy underwear franchise stores, the wholesale market is an important channel for their procurement. There are also several sex underwear wholesale markets in Datong City, such as: Datong Clothing City, Southeast Costume City, and Anding Clothing City.However, most wholesale markets are not open to individual consumers.

Six, surrounding cities

In addition to Datong City, there are also many merchants in the surrounding cities that can buy sexy underwear, such as: Taiyuan’s Ming Qi, Shanghai Band Source, and Rysetes in Shenyang.Of course, this method requires many inconveniences such as transportation and time.

Seven, sex products store

There are also several shops that specialize in selling sex products in Datong City, such as: superb sex, Yunbao Interesting Life Museum, tofu sex products shop, etc.These shops not only sell sexy underwear, but also have various other sexual supplies, including adult toys and sex props.

8. Factory direct sales

On Datong City, there are many underwear manufacturers on Mogan Mountain Road, and some of them will directly sell their products for consumers.Although it is not as many as other ways, the price is relatively low, suitable for consumers who are pursuing cost -effectiveness.

Nine, relatives and friends introduce

The last method may be strange, but it is the most commonly used way some consumers -relatives and friends introduced.When your friends and relatives buy a satisfactory sexy underwear, they are likely to share their shopping experience with you and tell you the place and brand you buy.


In general, it is also very convenient to buy sexy underwear in Datong. In the case of driving or spending time, the introduction of relatives and friends is also a very practical way.Choose different shopping channels, choose a way that suits you according to your needs, not only can you buy your favorite sexy underwear, but also save some unnecessary costs.

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